The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


To be fair, the seeds planted in the film you have seen don’t grow until the film we’ve seen. I’ll be interested to see if you have any change of perspective when you have seen Episode 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


More to add for good stuff:

Force sensitive stable boy and Rey saved the books. Both told well with out shoving it down our throat.


Yeah I liked seeing the books, it made “Yoda’s” action typically “Yoda”. Luke sits there not having to worry any more about the pull of protecting the past (even if he denies he cares about it) and can focus on more important things, yet ultimately the books aren’t there to be destroyed anyway. Sneaky Yoda.

I think I also forgot to say above, but the new design of the AT-AT walkers (whatever their new acronym might be) is hella sexy.


after credits scene? I may not have stayed for it xD


It’s easy to miss. When Rey saves them in the falcon at the end, Finn opens a drawer and the books are there.


Ah yeah that’d be why. Thanks ^^


Second favorite movie of 2017 (only beaten by Kong: Skull Island because of my love for giant monsters). Saw this yesterday in IMAX 3D and it was amazing. My theater felt it was shaking because the volume was so high. My favorite scenes have to be when Luke confronted Kylo Ren (who became of my favorite Star Wars character thanks to TLJ) using a Force projection and the destruction of Snoke’s ship and death of his guards. Only gripes are that Snoke died way too quickly, the lack of a lightsaber battle, and Luke dying. I was hoping Luke would fight Kylo for longer than a few seconds and Snoke would fight Rey or Luke with or without Kylo’s help. I would’ve loved to see Luke and Rey fight Snoke and Kylo and have Kylo almost kill Rey or Luke, but then he would betray and kill Snoke instead. After Luke’s performance at the end, I was so excited to see him again in Episode IX, so I was seriously bummed when he died and joined the Force. But overall this movie was amazing, I plan on pre ordering the Blu-Ray/DVD steelbook from Best Buy.



So I’ve heard people keep saying about this lack of a lightsaber battle… Luke battled Kylo Ren in a literal lightsaber battle, even if it was quite a tentative battle that was cut away from for the continuation of the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and the Rey + Kylo battle against the red guard (or whatever they’re called) constituted a lightsaber battle in my eyes and was probably my second favourite lightsaber based fight scene of all the movies after Duel of the Fates.

You’ve also reminded me of another reason I liked the movie. I know some people are disappointed about Snoke and Luke, and to some degree I am too, but I liked that this movie had the balls to say “You know what, no… we’re moving forward”. Snoke dying like that cut a whole film’s worth of slow-burn character development out of the loop, just got it over and done with. Luke leaving means we can focus on the new champions of the force and the resistance.

Basically, I applaud the courage of the team behind Star Wars for saying that they’re willing to just burn the bridges to the past, of which Snoke is one even if we don’t know a lot about him. I’m 100% certain we will learn more about him in either a spin off movie, a complimentary TV series, or in some kind of revelation in the Episode 9, I don’t think that as Star Wars fans we should be worried about not finding out things that matter if they matter, and as fans we should be happy that they are willing to move the story forward at a pace in order to get a fuller story told.


Honestly, I’m not sure they could have beaten snoke hand to hand. Ben was able to cloud his thoughts for a moment, but in an actual battle I think he would have destroyed both of them.


My brother loved the last movie


Absolutely. I’ts one of the reasons I do hope we do find more out about him… because joining Rey and Ben over that distance without knowing where Rey was, the power of his control… I know that we didn’t really see Palpatine really let loose with his abilities, but Snoke feels like he could have been the most powerful Sith that there has been that, for some reason, we never saw coming.

But then ego combined with being a sadist has always been the downfall of powerful Sith, and it’s intriguing that Ren felt ready to kill his master so “early”, so to speak. Plus having to go through some protracted story about why Rey escapes, and what special unique way they find in a later movie to kill Snoke…? Boring IMO.


No credit scenes to be had actually.

I thought the child using the force was a movie blooper at first. Lol took me a minute to realize he pulled the broom to him.


That’s a relief. :joy: i would hate to have missed one just cuz i was late for dinner.


Snokes death I thought was perfect. Him telling the actions not realizing that it was him was hilarious. Through all that knowledge he could not see his own fate.

Plus to be a Sith master you got to kill a Sith master. Kylo is strong but he isn’t a great swordsman and I really like that he has flaws.


Just got back from seeing it about an hour ago. The movie was amazing, though certain moments were predictable, or rather the signs that they were coming were obvious. Like Snoke’s death for example. Luke not actually being at that last battle was fairly obvious too.

Honestly the thing that surprised me was Leia NOT dying. I came into the film assuming that she had been killed off, due to Carrie’s death. I wonder how they will explain her absence in the next movie, unless they plan to find a replacement.


I loved it; it was a divergence from the usual harebrained, non-intellectual, or cliched nature of previous star wars films (Star Wars 7 = the simplest most cliched plot ever, involving death star 2.0, and new hope 2.0). Almost all former star wars films = mostly light sabers, space battles, with weak plot. But Star Wars 8 is different and fresh.

Star wars 8 has a lot of psychological and emotional elements, great character development, lots of plot twists, an intelligent and unexpected plot, and many over-arcing/parallel plots/branches occurring simultaneously. It was quite well-planned out, and involved many action scenes and battles that were highly nostalgic as well (the AT-AT snow plain fight + Snoke’s super-star destroyer + the betrayal and meeting up with Snoke). It has a good blend of nostalgia, while bringing something fresh and new.

Sadly, not all fans like the new changes. Rottentomatoes has a 94% critics rating, but 56% audience rating. A hardcore Star wars fan may not like it, if they simply expect a simple plot like previous episodes; they may find it very confusing.

However, on a personal level, I loved it; it had the complexity of Bladerunner 2049. It’s the best Star Wars episode to me, because of its well-thought out plot. Although some hardcore fans may not like the way where Luke and Snoke were handled. I liked Rey’s, Finn’s, Luke’s and Kylo’s character development though. It has the psychological element of the X men movie, Logan.

To be honest, I walked into the theater, not expecting much, based on extrapolations from past star wars films, which were all action-oriented. However, Star Wars 8 blew me out of the window completely. Totally unexpected bliss.


Neither, she gave them the rights to CGI her for Star Wars films prior to her death. Expect her back in CGI form for 9.


I agree with everything, but I actually liked 7.

Seems a lot of problems “fans” had with the new movies, is that they’re either too much like the originals or not enough like them. Some people just can’t be pleased I guess.


The rottentomatoes audience rating is very polarised - when I saw the audience reviews, I found that that roughly half of them gave like super-high ratings (4, 4.5, or 5 out of 5 stars), and the other halve gave like super-low ones (0.5 or 1 star). There is nearly no room in between - almost no one gave like 3 out of 5 stars. It’s either one hates it or loves it a lot.

Most of the latter are from people who are hardcore Star Wars fans.


They’re not hardcore star wars fans, they’re hardcore original trilogy and extended universe fans. There is a problem in fandom communities where they start to form their own strong belief in what the universe is and should be that surrounds their fandom.

Fans keep an open but critical mind to new additions to their fandom, and welcome new stories and new ways of telling stories. The people that are complaining as hard as they are about Episode 8 aren’t interested in new Star Wars content, they’re interested in their favourite fan theories and fan fiction getting the on screen treatment, and even then only if it’s done in their own arbitrarily “right” way.

I honestly don’t mind if people don’t like this movie (ain’t my baby!) and in these areas it’s entirely natural for people to have a range of differing opinions. But the sheer hate and condemnation that seems to be based on the director not having fulfilled their own personal fantasy is not a good reflection on the “hardcore” fandom, which is why I hesitate to call them hardcore, or even really fans.

They did say that they had no intention of doing that though, so I guess we’ll have to see. Personally I’d like to see her become a background character, almost name only. They’ve done such a great job of passing the torch and I feel an off-screen death would be very cheap. Let her command on in the background while the story focused on our new heroes. If they want to include her because it’s relevant then a holo-transmission using CGI seems like a perfect way to appease those who want to see her in the film and the uncanny valley implications of doing so.