The kraken is op and that's a fact


The kraken is way to op he’s the most mobile monster and is hard to hit his attacks are mobile and he pretty much never misses with lightning strikes after shock is the same thing why you would give a monster mobile attacks I don’t know. You don’t have to be good to use the kraken at lvl 1 he’s a challenge at lvl 2 he can destroy teams with no chance put him back to the way he was if you don’t agree with me I challenge you play me my gamer tag on xbox is kongzilla


The way he was? They nerfed his health and a bunch of other things. People need to stop complaining monsters are OP when the exact opposite is true.


Nono, 'B, dude.

Look at the title.

We simply can’t argue with that.

It’s a title.


True dat, fact is fact, like 1 + 1 = 1


Me bad I will go back 2 scool :cry:


It’s okay man.

…We all make mistakes.


Oh. Is that why kraken won like 1 out of 3 matches last esl? Because it’s “op”?


No more Monster OP threads. They make you look ignorant.

Monsters are UP and that is a FACT.


schuul is for dumbies anyways, and tahts a fact :two_men_holding_hands:


I hate when people use ESL to judge anything in video games




LS is so easy to dodge ._. All you have to do do time it. I mean if people are fighting nothing but krakens than they should know the timing that LS goes off


Why do you hate that?


ESL- particularly the latter rounds- is what we should be looking at as opposed to pub games. Skilled players all around, perfect communication, the game is being played as it’s meant to be played.


Well this and any game shouldn’t be decided on the people who are extremely good at the game then casual players, they should excell at what the casual community does in terms of gameplay if it was based off of ESL standings this game would be f%#ked


Better to balance with competent players than with idiots.


Well ESL players are above competent, I hope lol


But I’m already destroying krakens… something isn’t right.


LS is hilarious now, since the jetpack buff made it almost impossible to chain it with vortex. Decent fuel management means Kraken’s main damage dealer is left to Banshee Mines.


so instead of judging based off of esl you want to judge off of four random players that have no communication and no ability to work together…makes sense (Sarcasm).
Monsters are UP not OP. Work together with a team and see how easy a kraken is to kill. stop complaining about this its ridiculous. if anything monsters should be made more powerful.