The Kraken, Aftershock discussion

Can we discuss the Aftershock, and how they’re making it LARGER on Tuesday?


Yeah and they are nerfing 3 point damage and CD scales with points.

Seems fine to me also considering how Kraken is overall changing.

You can’t nit pick one change and act like the monster hasn’t changed at all.

Wait for the patch.


I’m skeptical.

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All will be okay… So long as you have The Jackal that is O.O

The traversal is whats really gonna be the nerf. If you read the traversal nerfs for kraken they make him slower than anyother monster.


It always feels like it will hit me, even if I preemptively dodge or use multiple bursts out. My Hunter’s toes get stuck in the particle effect and I get zapped, I swear.

I’m hoping that was just a case of the inconsistent jetpack bursts, and the new fix will make avoiding the attack more uniform. I’m still very scared of the new rank 3 radius, though.

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No they made it to where he is going to touch the ground eventually when in combat thanks to the changes.

He will be better when running as he regenerates stamina while in the air and he falls slower.


Thank you for making me look like a dumba- I mean thanks again :blush:


I look forward to it.

Umm… they are? XD

Didn’t know that… I think it’s fine the way it is, I can barely ever escape it now XD

I have to admit, the kraken really got some not so obvious nerfs.
Like with his traversal. He basically needs one traversal for each aftershock, either to drop in fast or to back out afterwards. If he doesn’t have enough traversals he’ll either miss more attacks or stay on ground and eat a lot of damage.
And then there are the jetpack changes. Two devs responded to my post that it will be easier to dodge aftershock after the update.

I’m skeptical, like you said ^^, but I won’t discuss aftershock any further until I actually tried it on Tuesday.


That just blew my comment out the window lol

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Actually, the radius change is huge:
It’s not that big percentage wise, currently it takes two bars of fuel to barely dodge it.
Now it will take three bars.

I don’t think you can even smash the spacebar fast enough to burst three times before AS have charged up.

Only if you also discuss how it’s causing less damage, and the jetpack code has been rewritten to provide more consistent jetpack dodges that help people get out of the aftershock range more easily than typically found in game right now?

We’ll have to see, it sounds like it may not take three bars with the rewritten jetpack code.


Yeah, I’m not selling the bear’s hide before tuesday, I am simply stating my observation.


You sell bear’s hides on other days of the week?

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Oh snappy the crocodile.

Or the X in my case lol

“Don’t sell the bear’s fur before hunting it.” It’s a saying. Basically, don’t get ahead of yourself.
However, I am a Norwegian and I have a hunting license, so me selling bear hide any day of the week is not out of the question.


The rewritten jetpack code wil be the saviour of hunters if it’s more consistent with boosting.