The (key for this to be a great game turning sour quick) sad truth


Note: this is my last post for a while.
People keep saying team and or the word play styles. I like the idea of it but it just doesn’t work out.people and there jerk offness. People will go all solo ruining the call of duty people say team,coordinate a team. But most just go and saynope to team.just like battle field. The only game that has done a good jod was horde mode in gears

Plus people just keep saying, play styles,play styles… People will try to use like one of all four abilities just a shame
So peace


I figure I’ll chime in. In evolve, it dosnt matter how great of a player you are as a hunter if you’re by yourself. In cod or bf or pretty much any other shooter, you can pull a team as an individual. Not so much in evolve. In bf and cod, it often helps to play as a team, but it isn’t required. In evolve it is. If hunters try going lone wolf, they WILL lose. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They will lose. In cod, you can go lone wolf and get some kills before dying, in evolve, you’re trying to get just 1 kill, it’s very all or nothing. Anyone who try’s going lone wolf in Evolve as hunters will do one of three things. First, they might catch the hint and start working together, second, they might catch the hint and just try playing the monster, or last, they will come on here complaining about the hunters being underpowered and when nothing changes, they’ll go back to cod. As a hunter, it is either play together or don’t play.


I would agree that when you lack team work in a team game, it tends to turn pretty bad for that team. Fortunately, games that have a stronger emphasis of team work designed into the game have proven themselves to work out pretty well in my opinion. Left 4 Dead & Team Fortress 2 promoted shedding off the lone wolves to work with a team. Evolve is designed with team work in mind as well.

So no worries there M8.


It’s really this team aspect that gives evolve its charm. If you wish to lone wolf, monster is for you. If you want to play on a team, hunters it is. most people will get a lot out of both - I have lone wolf moods just as often as I have team player moods.

As far as play styles, i think it is necessary for such a game. Ideally, there will be at least one character per role that you enjoy so you never feel left out. That’s really all that means. As for the monster skill ups (I think this is what you meant, right?) it is simply there so you can adapt to the hunters as you go along - to Evolve, per say. There are far too many generic shooters where everyone is exactly the same nowadays, and having adaptive play styles fixes that.

Some people will try hard to stick to a Meta Strategy, and this does make things more dull. That said, as a big MOBA fan, I can say with certainty that people who look beyond Metas, question them, and adapt are the most successful. This kind of thinking will keep things fresh no matter what.


You and I know there will be people like that


I think at root, all that needs to be in place is an effective means of eliminating someone who is not playing well with others. Left 4 dead did an excellent job of this. And although there was the occasional terrible teammate that would suicide, good games came from that title pretty consistently for me on PC.

I think we need to wait for the final product before judging



Some people are like this not all so try not to tar everyone with the same brush, that being said anyone that plays or likes cod will hopefully stick to that pile of crap of a game and not infect evolve with their “play style”


I keep picturing this video of one guy running off into the woods. He’s telling everyone to follow him but they are working on a plan. He keeps going telling them what to do. He doesn’t even realize that he’s alone until the monster turns around and eats him. We see the ship drop him off near the team and he yells and runs off into the woods again and is eaten again. They just look at each other as it happens over and over and over again……

As it is in L4D, if you don’t work as a team, you will die!


There are always people who purposely or stubbornly jeopardize the match. Sometimes it is unintentional. But I think most people who buy Evolve will go into it knowing they have to work symbiotically as the hunters in order to win. I don’t have statistics to back it up but I really cannot imagine a majority of people will want to go against the group just because they want to play their own way. It is hard to foresee that kind of attitude being a sustainable disruption for people who want to play the game properly.


Thing is, people can get away with it in BF or Titanfall or other “team” shooters because really, the only true teamwork aspect to those games tends to be that you’re on the same side. Other than that, you can (and people do) operate largely independent from your team.

You cannot do this in L4D. Literally, you cannot. You will die. And lose.

You cannot do this in Payday. Special cops will kill you and you will lose.

You will not be able to do this in Evolve. Even if you don’t get pounced, you will either lack the firepower, the utility, or the staying power (life) to fight the monster.

You might get the occasional jerk who wants to ruin your experience sure, but even in L4D the vast majority of pub games were pretty decent in at least staying together and playing the game as a team. It was required to win. The same happens in League of Legends. Stats and the simple fact that you can’t 1 v 5, even if pretty fed, means teamwork is required there. People will do what they need to to win, and Evolve requires teamwork to win. So unless you get a troll, I don’t think it will be a huge problem.


I agree that there are a lot of people who do nothing but try to ruin the experience of others; the trolls of the gaming world. They are an annoying lot, but I would assume that Evolve will have some way to deal with them (vote kick from lobby perhaps). As long as you can get rid of a bad apple, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t see a lot of the deathmatch loving folks sticking with Evolve. There’s not enough killing for that. Thus, I think there will be a lot of co-op fans making up the pub games. People may not be on the same skill level, but my guess is they’ll all be doing their best to win.


Its called trolling and if it happens it will destroy the world


While I disagree that in games like L4D and Payday 2 you can’t carry your team or go ‘lone wolf’ (Though that is a lengthy topic for another time), due to the matchmaking system. If you go lone wolf and die a lot, chances are your team will follow suit. You will eventually stay ranked at that type of level playing field. I.E. playing with other people that do something similar, or have low rankings.

This game seems to punish Lone Wolf players a bit more, but also encourages good communication if you are good at lone wolfing it. I.E. using yourself as bait, or going solo trapper ahead of the pack to pin the monster. Is it a great strategy, who knows, but it is something that people can try.

As long as the host can kick other players (A La Payday 2), or there is a vote kick system in place (A La L4D) I think this won’t be too much of an issue. If it is an issue, then you’ll pass those types of players once your ranking goes higher.


In my experience with team centered multiplayer, typically you see people more critical of their teammates then you do in games where you can lone wolf. Many people dislike playings MOBAs unless they’re playing with a group of friends for this reason. Certainly not going to pretend I know whether this will or will not be the case in Evolve. At least there is the additional option of being able to play as the monster when you don’t want to deal with that drama and don’t have 3 friends available to play with.


Yup. I like that if you’re playing solo or your friend’s aren’t available, you can always monster it up instead of trying to wade through the PUG soup. (PUG = Pick up Group usually used to denote random public players)


Yes there will be trolls, I don’t doubt that, so just find some friends to play with if you are constantly running into trolls. I don’t understand what is so hard about finding 3 genuinely good players and sticking with them. Also, with teams only being 4 people, if you take up a spot, that only leaves 3 open spots for trolls on your team, which is better than like 12 in cod or 32 in BF4. So you will have better odds of being in a match without trolls


Yup. Also, I’ve had numerous people ‘friend’ me in games like Dead Island, Borderlands, L4D, and Payday 2 because they’ve played with me and I’m not as asshat. Personally, I consider myself pretty good and hope that is why they friend me, but even finding a group of non asshat players is worth holding on to.

Hmmm… Maybe somebody will create a ‘group’ with good players you can add that have known good reputations. You could then have some sort of ‘reputation’ system that will raise or lower their ‘honor levels’ or something along those lines. I wouldn’t even mind if gaming companies allowed you to thumbs up or thumbs down someone in the game. Yes, some people will raise their stupid friends, and some people will downvote everyone, but overall I think it could work.


I’m thinking of starting a clan full of serious players who won’t troll people. Not sure how well it’ll go but I’ll make @plaff a cofounder if he is interested


Every time I see @Plaff I think of Calvin and Hobbes Spaceman Spiff.