The Jump That Never* Ends

This bug has been posted on these forums before, but I don’t think TRS ever acknowledged it? It was probably a pre- @Shaners bug. When Sunny jetpack boosts a hunter they can fly for an effectively infinite amount of time if their jetpack energy runs out while they are in the air. They start using the jetpack gun’s energy, but at a rate that seems lower than 1% per minute (meaning that a game would probably have to go for multiple hours for any need to stop flying with a single jump). Here’s an example video of me flying with a friend for several minutes without having to come down:

You can see that an incredibly small portion of the jetpack gun’s energy is used over the course of this video. None the less, it’s still really stupid that it’s in the game - and I’m not even 100% sure it’s a bug. It could actually be intended since it’s never been confirmed to my knowledge.


Yeah, no, I’m quite sure this is not intended. Thanks for bringing it up again. :smile:

I’ve yet to see this bug as of yet, on PC as well.

easily repeatable situation. Not sure if its a bug…

It could be a huge part of sunny that noone acknowledged. It would force the monster to target sunny.

just adding another layer of depth to Jetpack management

I’ve been tempted to do it when we go Sunny/Val but it’d be unethical. It’s on PC too.

It’s not a bug you come across easily naturally I believe, more of an exploit as I see it. Not once have I seen it just playing normally.

It is an exploit. No two ways about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It sure feels like an exploit, since using the jetpack gun to ascend or “roach” up a wall spends it at normal rate as if it were fuel. I’m hoping we got confirmation that this is not intended.

Can’t you just keep this bug??

Have you heard of this bug before @MajorLeeHyper ?

I believe it has to do with the actual jetpack bar being eaten before the booster or something. Not supposed to happen like that. Booster is supposed to be first, then jetpack bar. Not the case in the video.