The joy of creation


Yes this isn’t joyful thread. Finally a fan made fnaf game that isn’t a clone.

The joy of creation reborn (tjoc r)
The joy of creation reborn (tjoc r)

I’ve seen it. Looks very good, and hope it get’s further than just wandering around a house with a animatronic


people search up joy of creation this thread comes up suddenly a bunch of new people make account to join in this. anyways I am not a big fan of fnaf but this seems ok I might watch it


its basically free roam fnaf.


yeah I know I say gt play it :stuck_out_tongue:


Im just sick of the hype around fnaf. Yes, people can enjoy it, but then people take it to the extremes with sexual attractions to Chicka, soooo many fan-made fnaf spin-offs, and people obsessing over a simple game (fnaf fanboys).

But I probably won’t get this game because the whole fnaf theme leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But don’t let my opinion stop people from playing the game.


It was the same thing with slenderman back in the days. It’s just the internet hyping up things


I understand that, that’s why I stayed far way from fnaf xD But this here appears to be actually good and not cheesy.

I’m scared now.


Except Slenderman was actually kinda of fun, FNAF is decent for an hour or two but it gets old.


IMHO, so does slenderman. Get’s old pretty quick as well. But ech, I prefer FNAF over slenderman anyways, because it’s easier to handle xD


To be fair you can say that about any game lol, the fanboys, the ungodly sexual attraction towards characters, people are going to love what they love and take it to every extreme possible. I personally only like FNAF because it’s story, the jumpscares are a good entertainment every once in a while but other than that nothing to really be omg amazing about in the game, that being said prime example of the topic of this post Pokemon nuff said


Not really. People love Laura Croft but I’ve never seen people create a cult around her. People did that with Chica. Laura is also a human whereas Chica is a robot with an exo-shell that has womanly curves.

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy and current generations can’t draw that line. Minecraft is becoming a porn search term. As far as I know, I haven’t heard Laura Croft


Trust me, there is. It’s just harder to notice, I do give you that


The major differences is that Laura’s base is discrete and normal. when I was a kid, I never heard of people having sexual attractions to Pokemon. Chica is just fantasy whereas people irl look like Laura and she has an achievable look.


When I was a kid I never heard about any sexualizing of anything lol, I was too busy being a kid. The fact that there are 721 maybe 22 pokemon out there that have the same sexualizing as Chica doesn’t change, I can see the fact that it’s weird but hey no reason to kink shame, anyways conversation is derailing. I’m interested in this new game it looks exciting !


get back on-topic.


Sorry, old habits die hard


Starring Bruce Willis.

On a more relevant note, anything new so far on Joy of Creation? I mean all I know is you run around and try to avoid one animatronic


I heard he added bonnie already, but don’t quote me on that


:V trolololol?

I seriously can’t wait to see how Foxy is implemented? (Forgot to add that)