'The Jacket': White & Blue or Green and Gold or Black & Brown?


A year ago, a heated debate involving a dress and the question, “Black and blue, or white and gold?” broke out on the internet.

Today, people are up in arms over the true shade of an Adidas jacket. And this time, there are even more potential colours to argue over.

Posted to Tumblr by “poppunkblogger” (The OP), also known as Nina, she asked her followers to weigh in on the colour debate.

Persoanally I myself see green and beige. :laughing:

sidenote: I can’t make up my mind what color the cosmic skin is. :joy:


So this is brown and black, no doubt.


The jacket is…
Just like the dress!


Yeah, it is a bad looking jacket.


This jacket isn’t as good of an example as the dress, because this one got too much sunlight shining on it.
At least the dress was in a primary color, while this is in a faded and “lazy” (lacking a better word to describe it with) colored.
I’m guessing it’s green or gray, but it could be gray-blue too.
It’s not gold, black or brown though, that’s easy to see.


Sorry if this bothers you by any chance sony but you may want to think about changing your profile picture. This is a kid friendly site. Just warning you now so mods don’t pounce on you eventually (if they ever will) :slight_smile:


It should be fine don’t worry. There’s nothing alarming about it. :slightly_smiling:

Back to the topic anyway, the jacket is definitely ugly. Looks green and gold to me.


I think it looks blue and white. That being said, I don’t really want this whole thing to happen again, so I’ll just pretend to agree with everyone else :confused:


I see blue and white. It’s probably just a light trick again.


It’s purple and red.


Why does this exist?
The jacket is a light blue and white, but it’s in freaking SHADE!
It’s the stupid lighting and there is nothing else to discuss :rage:

There, I upped the brightness for you, too. Light, slightly shiny blue.


I don’t know, still looks green to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, lighting makes sense and it depends on the camera too i suppose.


I will kill you.


It’s this jacket but the lighting has a slight yellow tint to it like the picture was taken early morning.
It makes it appear less bright, plus the logo on the back in pealing out so it’s been worn a lot and probably a bit dirty.


Eh looks more purple and yellow to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I see the color differently from my phone than on my desktop.


What color is it? My lack of caring is stronk…

It’s an ugly jacket. It’d look better burnt…

Although if I had to guess I’d have to say Red and Emerald but hey who cares about a random wild opinion?


It’s black and brown…


It’s a jacket


It’s obviously a dress… psht are you guys blind? :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was overalls?