The Jackal - Jack adaptation idea

The Jackal is the adaptation of Jack from the overpower timeline, is the Jackal persona that Jack imagined
notice that the name of the character is not XXX Jack, but “The Jackal”

  1. “Stings”, a pair of powerful full automatic laser guns look like Uzi, every 6th shot deals increased damage
  2. Stasis beamer, self-explanatory
  3. Survey Satellite, works more like dust tagging, use a scope to target an area to scan instead of a beacon and outlines the monster when the scanning beam hits the monster
  4. Planet Scanner


Going from hard CC to soft CC? Unless his “Stings” are more like “Impales” Jack will just be better. The trade-off for Soft CC is high damage and consistent tracking.

Would have liked to see a bigger change to the SS and the PS but at least you’ve still made him Trapper.

Make his beam disable treversal abilities and balance it out.

They aren’t going to temporarily remove the Monsters ability to traverse completely. Currently Jack can block traversals, but if one is used then the next one is unblocked. But fully disabling the ability to traverse for even just 2 seconds would be catastrophic for a Bob or Kraken.

Make it a long cd, or just make the treversal way weaker.
slower, lower, shotert ect

Hmm… Stasis currently doesn’t affect traversals so I guess The Jackal’s stasis could be only a 20% slow but also reduce ability effectiveness?

Yeah, I read that ages ago. What about it?

Not much, just giving more options :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack thinks jackal are super powerful predator so I am pretty sure it is impale despite being called sting, taking the path of Maggie>Waggie trading CC for damage

actually I had an other idea of shooting a mini black hole to drag the monster towards it for a short period of time

But Waggie still has hard CC. She’s just trading high Hard CC for lower hard CC. [quote=“akira_him, post:11, topic:104770”]
mini black hole to drag the monster towards it for a short period of time

I think this would be better saved for a new character and not an adaptation.

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I didn’t know stasis doesn’t affect traversals, I am not sure about the ability effectiveness part, do you mean the range or CD? personally I perfer slowing down the CD of the monster with this stasis beamer

that’s why I didn’t use this on my first post, what if repulsor actually push back the monster?

I meant range (I said effectiveness because then Bob is included but his traversal is duration based). Slowing CD would be easier to implement but I feel like then it could be completely countered with perks.

Not sure how feasible this is. It’d have to no longer prevent movement (so it’s counter would be using a traversal or traversing ability)