The introduction to the Scorcher, and it's Hunters


A group made up of a thief, a woods man, a survivor, and a hitman. Back up is needed on Shear, and they’re the ones to help.

Andy is a licensed, but unprofessional hunter. He hops planets with his “friends”, and kills things that he thinks will taste good. He’s wild, and he’s reckless. He carries around his explosive crossbow, a heat ray that scolds anything he sees, and a jetpack fueler to battle to support the team.

Nysven is a thief, or atleast used be. He lived in a very large colony that has yet to find a habital planet. Although a man of crime, he still cares for his family, and he intends to stay on Shear with them, monster-free. He has a single shot cannon that can cover a monster in weak spots, an energy draining ray that depleats traversial stamina, and a tiny robot that takes saliva (DNA) from an eaten corpse and goes into the general direction of the source to trap the monster.

Josephine is the survivor to an attack that she speaks to no one about. The easiest way to explain her is “Loud 'n proud!!”. Some people say that she enjoys herself a little too much when killing things. Her weaponry consists of a mini Tsar Cannon, with 3 shots and an arc to it. Also a boom spike that slows a monster, and a long range rifle with heavy damage but with only one shot to deliver the hurt on a monster.

Clyde is a hitman. He finds a target, aims, shoots, and he’s done. He grew up in a city, and he hates the wilderness. The only reason he accepted William’s invitation to Shear was for the money. He carries a loaded Blaser Sniper rifle, that causes fire damage on a monster for a short amount of time, a placeable fire disperser that does minimal burning damage, and a placeable healing pod to heal the hunters.

Now these hunters weren’t brought in for nothing. They are needed because of a new threat discovered near the acid pools of Shear. It’s called Scorcher. It is a fast one. Faster than any of the others, so far. Also, unlike the others, it is not as effective in melee combat.

It can hurl acidic liquid causing major damage, stomp the ground to knock you upwards, create a shell over itself for temperary protection, and it can even make toxic fumes in the air that lets it get away and deal damage to the hunters at the same time.

Gear up, the battle has started.
-Officer Chev of the DCD Corperations


Interesting way to track. So he puts the bot on a consumed corpse, and it shows the direction it went? ^.-


Yea, it goes in the direction, but doesn’t outline the monster