The Insects & My Patience


The constant Mosquitoes in this game with the Hunter’s is draining my patience with the Hunter’s. Game’s are suppose to be enjoyable and fun but if that fun involves watching some Hank & Val roaching up walls constantly and becoming Tinkerbell’s whenever you pry them off their little jumping rocks. Then I’m probably just going to lose interest in ever playing monster ever again.


You have to know how to deal with that kind of thing hence why it would be nice if ranked was more popular so you don’t get matched with hunters clearly more superior in level to your self.

Some monsters handle easier than others with that kind of stuff but thats just mainly lack of knowledge.


Oh I know how to deal with them. The problem is I like playing mostly Goliath and can mostly deal with them. I could easily counter all the Tinkerbell’s and roaches with Gorgon. The problem is I find the entire thing is tedious and annoying. Especially against Val/Hank


In my experience once you go through a fight or two actively countering all of their roaching and tinkerbelling, I find that they straighten up about it pretty quick and get back to some real, not cheese, tactics. Or they lose trying. :wink:


Hmm… I have a quick question, what is tinkerbelling/roaching? BTW sorry if it is an obvious thing but I have yet to play evolve since stage 2 has been released so I’ve been trying to keep up but these terms have eluded me


“Roaching” is when, as a Hunter, you jump off a rock and jetpack it back up while the Monster goes up and down trying to get you, without wasting jetpack.

“Tinkerbelling” is a Hunter perk configuration where you get the first two native perks as flight efficiency and the last one as Rocket Man Gold or Jetpack Recharge Speed so you can constantly keep in the air, away from the Monster’s grasp, particularly Goliath’s grasp. Often amplified by the Reaver’s elite buff, which is of flight efficiency.


Tinkerbelling is when the hunters take only perks that improve the jetpack to the point that they can stay in the air for at most about 21 seconds from a full tank. This is specific to stage 2

Roaching is when hunters run around or over objects or structures in Order to avoid being damaged by the monster. This is usually done to run out the dropship timer and has been around since launch.



Thank you both