The informal petition for randomized maps in custom

I dont know about the rest of the playerbase, but I personally play a lot of custom games both with friends online and solo and it seems strange to me that there is no option when setting up these games to just simply have the maps cycle like they do in the online modes. As it is now you have to quit your custom game which sends you back to the main menu, then you must navigate through several more menus and once again set everything back up in your custom game just to simply change the map you are on. Seeing as the maps cycle online and in evac I would assume that it would not be terribly hard to add the option. I find myself playing a lot of custom evac to try and get around this, and dont get me wrong I love evac but sometimes my friends and I would like to just play a custom game of hunt without having to play on the same map for an hour or constantly restart every 15 or so minutes. I understand that TRS has a lot going on right now and this is probably not going to be high on their list of priorities but I feel very strongly that the game needs this. If anyone one else here on the forums feels the same way please comment and show TRS this is something we both want and need!


Yep! It has been suggested before, but the devs have so many suggestions to keep track of that they can run out of time, or the suggestions are not always prioritised.

But bringing it up again is the right thing to do.

I just made this the other day. Do a search for it and join that thread as well.

Yea, I think I was the first to suggest it many months ago. If not I was one of the first. Chris Ashton even replied to me about it here on the forums a couple of times saying that he would talk to the team about it, but I am concerned it may have gone overlooked with all the other more important things they are working on right now. I am kinda trying to walk that thin line between making sure its not forgotten and trying not to be a pest about it. lol

Already have! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one on here asking for this!

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