The Infinite Intro Jetpack


As I sat at my table eating dinner, I decided to watch that intro (that we all probably skipped over after Day 1 of the game :bucket_salute: ) over and over again (because I was too lazy to get up and change it :sweat_smile: ). And while I was doing so, I began to wonder; what would it be like to fight a monster with the Jetpacks that they have in the Evolve intro? How would it balance? Would it be balanced? So, speculate away! Let me say, by the way, this is NOT a place to begin screaming “BUFF JETPACKS!”, just a place to wonder what evolve would be like with those Jetpacks! How would you balance them? What would you fight like if you had those?


Monster players would quit, I’d quit.

Well, I’m not sure about Kraken players.


aerial warfare


No balance, hunters would be on that monster like a rabbit in hay.

Would be like having four annoying house flys that can shoot lightning.


and one shoots little BB bullets at your head.


And one restricts your movement.


and another has a british voice and spawns the spawn of Satan himself to shoot at you.


And one that that can revive the dead! As if the blighters weren’t bad enough…


That would be funny to see in those “what if” videos they do on their streams, like they did with the 4 Caira’s/Torvalds etc. :smiley:


I want to see a what if the monsters had guns, and the hunters threw rocks.


I can see it now…


I would pay to see an animated version of tthis! xD


Who should fill what role?
Goliath is the assault
Kraken is the medic
Wraith is the support
Gorgon trapper
Bob is daisy


Coming to Evolve 2, infinite jetpacks and rock wielding hunters.


Wait, they did a 4 torvalds?

which one was that?

as in which stream?

I tend to miss them since I am in school when they stream


He looks like a drug dealer, but for gum.

“Hey, psst, kid… Wanna buy some spearmint?”


@Iseanna Where is this! I need this in my life!!!


Haha, yes! :laughing:

Hyde spits fire like Goliath and Markov flies around using aftershock.


If this happened then RIP Behemoth, no more downs for him


If hunters were to get unlimited jetpack. Then monsters should get unlimited stamina.