The Idle button needs to be removed ASAP


I just want to mention that I am pretty much done playing the PS4 multiplayer until something happens with the features laid out along with how the community is adapting, or just playing this game.

It would be a lie if I said I was having the best experience on the PS4. Not only have I suffered through people boosting for trophies across the board (something Guerrilla Games were brilliant about with Killzone when banning people for doing it) but now I have experienced around 7 matches with individuals just going idle to let the bots down everything.

I will be uploading footage of this taking place and it isn’t just a singular person but I full god damn three man team. Funny still is that when the round ends from us losing they are definitely present because the player is pressing continue after.

I truly don’t understand why the Idle button is there in the first place. If you can’t dedicate your time to a 10+ minute match then you are just ruining the experience for everyone else and to be honest I could say I have HATED (a strong word) the console version completely just from the community and how they are taking advantage of the system just to get trophies.

Now sure the idle feature is great if you need to go potty but full matches where the player is pressing continue after just to do it all over again?! Bugger off!

I thought there was a timer to kick people who were idle too long? Because it doesn’t look like it. Again I will be posting footage of this but to be honest I think I am just going to stick to the PC version.

Real damn shame.


The PC version has an idle option too. Never noticed people use it though, so I cant say if theres any timer for being dropped out of the game.


I haven’t seen it happen on the PC version yet but it is RAMPANT on the console version.


What level are you? I can’t agree that it’s rampant. I haven’t had it happen yet.


What about when I really need to pee?


Don’t you lose out on any achievements done/experience earned when you’re not in control


I’m level 27.


I like the feature but hopefully there’s something tracking per-account use of it on the high-end metrics so the depth of the problem for abuse can be determined and then some method of dealing with it can be come up with. Either a per-use time limit or some way to accumulate available use time the longer you actively play (2 minutes per hour, whatever). A tough thing to combat if people are out to abuse it.


Thanks a ton for your concern about the idle feature, but as an older gamer with a wife and family I think it is a god send, as if I’m playing after work and my wife comes home and needs a quick hand with her bags or the kids then I can put the game in idle help her with the quickness and hop right back into my player. Now granted I’m usually pretty good about letting my teammates know what is up and that I will be afk/afc for a few, in my opinion it really boils back down to better communication, but that is another argument and topic for another day.


matches do not count if you go idle.
people would abuse this in the beta for PC. Idle with leap/rock off cd, let the incredibly accurate bot use the combo and then retake control.


Personally I think you aren’t taking into account people’s own time and need to get the best experience possible. To be honest if you can’t negotiate with your wife personal time to yourself to play a game that requires such a large amount of cooperation then.

The idle bot isn’t good enough to provide a team experience in the online. My personal recommendation is to make sure you have the time to play this game, or don’t until you do in some shape, form have the time.


It does say you will be kicked, at least on pc, if you go idle too long.


Even if they don’t know that they are still doing it. It isn’t fun having to play like that anyway. Basically their own stupidity is affecting the experience for others.


I can appreciate your opinion Nori_Proxy, in this case I’ll just have to disagree with you, as I enjoy the fact that this tool is currently in the game, and I hope that it remains as such or if it does remain that when it’s in use by player that the AI gets a boost in needed situations.

  1. If you idle too long it will kick you
  2. You get no XP or Mastery or anything from being idle
  3. Have almost 15 hours of play in release and have never seen this
  4. There is no way that every random pub you are playing with is deciding to join games and just go idle (see reasons 1 and 2)
  5. Rinse and repeat


As mentioned I will be uploading video evidence. So just wait and see :slight_smile:


That is really odd: People don’t gain any benefits for actions done while idle, and last I heard wins won’t be counted if you idle for some amount of time, so there is little to no incentive to do it.

I like the feature as an emergency bathroom break thing - in other teamwork focused games, when someone leaves either permanently or temporarily, their unmoving character can ruin an entire match. the Idle function mitigates that frustration, so I am very much for it.


I personally like the feature.
Today I was playing and my fiancee called me, I set the game to idle while I talked to her, if that feature didn’t exist, I’d have gotten raped by the monster.


I play on xbox one and this is not a problem that and its a good thing. Some people have kids and a life outside the game and need a minute or two sometimes because stuff happens.