The iceberg behemoth

I think this is actually a awesome idea:Think of a icy blue behemoth,which glows white with full armor like a cold drink or your breath in a cold winter night .I think this would be awesome.Rock Wall is going to be an iceberg.Tongue Grab is going to be (just maybe) a icicle and lavabombs are going to be ice bombs which freeze the hunters for some seconds.Fissure is going to be the same.It would be super awesome if there is a blurb like " The iceberg behemoth lands on Shear.He slept many years in the immortal ice but now he`s here.Freeze some Hunters with him and then destroy them with Fissure". What would be the most awesomeness is when there is going to be a map which is called “The Immortal Ice”. And then you can see, in a small glacier, a ice behemoth which is frozen in this glacier.I think this would be hard to make but I think that would be super awesome.Thank you for your feedback.


That is an interesting idea no doubt, but Behemoth is a lava monster. He needs his flame to burn for victory :smiley:


That’s crazy, I was thinking of this after meteor Goliath came up, what each new monster would become and ice behemoth was exactly what I was thinking. Lava bomb could easily become an ice bomb with a similar if not exact dmg type or could make all hunters slow by 50% and/or decrease jet pack recharge by 25% for 30seconds… I don’t know just a few ideas, it would obviously have to be balanced fairly.

But if they do something like meteor behemoth I will be gutted :grin:

I think ice isn`t so different then lava. There is water and fire and there also has to be ice and lava. I think this idea is super awesome because a awesome looking icy blue white glowing behemoth which came out of the immortal ice to kill all hunters with his deadly ice. Oh Yeah

But wouldn’t this remove the possibility of having an ice monster?

I think there isnt going to be a ice monster because first there is going to be this spider like monster which will maybe have poison.What I wish is a Sea Serpent or a Leviathan which can burrow through the ground. And there is also going to be a worm monster so they are many ideas for a new monster and that the possibility for a ice monster is removed isnt so tragic because a ice behemoth would be something like a new monster

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We have two fire monsters so im pretty sure its gonna be ok for a different behemoth to have ice

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That’s a pretty cool idea. His attacks could do less damage but slow targets that get hit, same as the slow buff

Oh definitely! Imagine throwing up an ice wall and then shooting Ice Bombs that freeze the hunters in their place for you to wail on! Now THAT would be cool! I just like lava more than ice haha :slight_smile:

Fissure could be reworked to have a traveling Glacier look to it.

Might not want to here, but they tried a velvet worm and gave up because it was too difficult to get the movement right, GrizzleMarine made a video on it

I know but maybe there is going to be one in the next year.

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I dont wanna be that guy but it’s been done before :wink:

Meet Brand. :smiley:

and this is Cryocore brand, an alternate skin that makes him have frost-fire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oooo maybe he could go all Iceberge on us then :smiley:

I was thinking of this when meteor goliath came out too, except I was thinking it would be called Glacier Behemoth.

I hope so, it was a brilliant idea

Well, but the iceberg Behemoth wont be a skin, its a complete new monster like the meteor Goliath. But the iceberg Behemoth needs some optical differnt like the horns from the meteor Goliath but I don`t know what. Any ideas?

Wasn’t it confirmed that a monster that could burrow would be impossible at this time? That’s why they scrapped the “Velvet Worm” idea

I don’t think they would call it Glacier Behemoth because isn’t there a skin for him called the Glacial skin?

Yes , there is this skin.That`s why I would give him the Name “Iceberg Behemoth”. And the idea from the Velvet Worm was to difficult to make because with all these tracks and the idea that the “Velvet Worm” burrows through the earth… To difficult to make like I said