The 'I like food' thread: 2015 Edition


Welcome welcome, I find the lack of food talk, on this forum, disturbing so I thought I’d make a thread for everyone to discuss my first true love; Food.

I wanna know what people who aren’t me eat, and what you guys like to eat in other places around the world. And just generally talk about food for a while.

Please enjoy some pictures of my own cooking.



If this is your coocking i’m marrying you.Hope it doesn’t matter to you i’m a man.


Haha nah the being a man thing is sort of a deal breaker for me. Sorry bro!


Fried Triceratops.


I’m working on a net cafe since i was going to high school.I’m 22 now so that means i’ve been working here for 5 years.Here is what i eat every day at nights.


Whatever that third picture is looks pretty damn good.


There’s going to be some serious food in this thread.


Here in Greece we eat a lot of Pita Guro

So everyone is eating 2 to MAX 4 Pita guro.

Why not make a pizza-like Pita Gyro? And that’s what the 3rd picture is.


Baked Diplodocus.


I love a piping hot plate of spaghetti. I really want some damn spaghetti. I might explode if I don’t get any spaghetti and meat balls in the next 5 minutes.


Uh…I’m so hungry now…Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…


This is an evil thread, I’m starving :frowning:


I’m not such a fan of spaghetti, but I could really go for some meatballs and pasta right now…


Yes! Yes! Let the hunger flow through you!

Why not go make some food?
Then you can come back and tell us all about it


Have you tried a hot dog with cream cheese. Its called a seattle dog.


A Seattle Dog?


Man its hard to find a picture I can link.

Here is one

The three main ingredients are cream cheese, polish sausage, sauteed onions. There are variations on that theme with different hot dogs or brats and different toppings


Food’s cool, I guess.


It looks tasty…


Look at what I made for lunch.