The Hypocrisy Of Nintendo Criticism


As most you probably already know, Nintendo tends to get alot hate for Artificially creating high demand by shipping a limited amount of units, having underpowered hardware, and being too “Family friendly” for “hardcore gamers”. Here, I’m gonna list 3 reasons to debunk that Nintendo isn’t a bad company nor are they driving up hype for their consoles or anything like that

1. Artificially Creating High Demand

In recent years, alot of people tend to bash Nintendo for limited their shipments to drive up hype for their consoles. This can easily be debunked as many conmpanies, such as Nintendo, obliviously want to sell as many units as possible. Doing the opposite can hurt their products sells numbers because consumers will lose interest overtime. And, with some research, you can easily see that Nintendo doesn’t do this on purpose like many people claim. When the N64 first launched,

the demand was high for the holiday season, and they were sold out everywhere. But after a while, that slowed down, and no one really wanted to buy it due to the Playstation’s overwhelming dominance.

When the PS2 first launched,

Sony only shipped 500,000 units, to the US, alone in 2000. And even Sony, at one point, shipped 24 units to a single store. And yes, I wish I was joking.
When the Gamecube first launched, Nintendo was, as always, seen as the more kiddie console, and not for mature gamers. Even though, little did they know, Resident Evil 4 was originally a GameCube exclusive. THEN, it got ported to the other consoles. And Resident Evil 4 is a very well respected and received game.
And then the Wii launched, and everyone wanted one. And of course everyone says Nintendo is creating high demand be shipping as little Wii consoles as possible.
But, 2 years after the launch of the Wii, you still couldn’t find one. So, Nintendo was trying there hardest to keep up with the demand. How? Nintendo was manufacturing 1.8 million systems a month to keep up with demand. Demand kept getting bigger and bigger, so Nintendo was manufacturing 2.4 million systems MONTH. Yeah. Every 30 days, they were making 2.4 million systems a month. You really have to think about that. But nah. Nintendo was totally creating artificial demand, totally. Making 2 million systems a month, nah. Nintendo really doesn’t want their systems to sell. (I’m obviously being sarcastic).
What about when the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Dreamcast were sold out? Or hmmmm, any new console?! Oh, now know one wants to talk about it. Because, then, if you truly believe Nintendo is creating artificial demand, then guess what? Then any other company could do the same thing. I don’t get why it’s just Nintendo.

Your UnderPowered

Alot of people love throwing specs around at Nintendo, especially with the Nintendo Switch and never give any context about their previous home consoles. I’m gonna put this one short, as it doesn’t need as
much explanation as the other reasons.
3rd Generation

NES Specs: 1.79 MHz Sales 60 million
Sega Master System Specs: 3.58 MHz Sales: 10 million
Atari 7800 CPU: 1.19 MHz Sales: Very Poor (Exact Sales Unknown)
4th Generation

SNES CPU:3.58 MHz :Sales 40 million
Sega Genesis CPU:3.58 MHz Sales:40 million
5th Generation

Atari Jagar CPU:13.3 MHz Sales: Again, very poor (Exact Sales Unknown)
Sega Saturn CPU:11.3 MHz Sales:9 million
Playstation CPU:33.8688 MHz Sales: 100 million
N64 CPU:93.75 MHz Sales: 30 million
6th Generation
Dreamcast CPU:200 MHz Sales:9 million
PS2 CPU:294 Sales:100 million
Gamecube: CPU:485 Sales:20 million
Xbox CPU:733 MHz Sales:20 million

The Wii’s And PS2’S Legacy

As you all know, the Wii and PS2 were both colossal successes. But alot of people tend to be more hateful of the Wii. Calling the motion controls a gimmick. While I agree to some extent, was it a bad, glitchy, broken gimmick like the Virtual Boy? No. Absolutely not. But, again I agree that it is a gimmick, but would you call relying on DVD-PlayBack a gimmick. Yes. It brought in a lot of casuals who just wanted to use the PS2 for the DVD PlayBack. And while everyone blames the Wii for bringing casuals into gaming, Sony did the same thing with the PS2. And, while the PS2 had alot of amazing games, what did it do for the Gaming Industry? The Wii had motion controls, and it’s the reason why we have motion controls built into our tablets and phones.
Another very ironic argument. Everyone says the Wii has shovelware on it because it sold well and was very popular. But uhh, hello? What about the PS2. The PS2 has tons of shovelware on it as well. It’s the best sold video game console in the world. o of course it has shovelware on it. Bu no one seems to mention that.

Too Expensive

PS3 2006 launch price: $500 ($600 if you wanted wifi and more storage)
Nintendo Switch 2017 launch price

: $300
lol, I’m done.

Anyway, while I admit some of the Critiques of Nintendo are accurate, I just really wanted to clear up some of the Hypocritical Criticisms of Nintendo, that people seem to ignore because it fun to bash them. And no one acknowledges the Equally just as valid criticisms of other companies such as Sony. Anyway, be sure to LIke, Comment, and Share. Thanks For Reading!


Didn’t Nintendo discontinue the NES Classic Edition?


Yeah but that’s a different story


Kind of I guess, but they’re going to do the same thing with the SNES version.

Edit: I expect they’ll do the same thing.


Hypocrisy isn’t really the right word to use here. Whilst yes, there some some criticisms with Nintendo that are unfounded there are plenty that are valid.


I think that is fair.

If the NES Classic was going to be a limited run, I wish they would have said that in the beginning.


My point exactly, but alot of people just bash Nintendo for every little thing. I wish people would just point out EXACTLY what’s wrong instead of saying “Fuck Wii U, it’s for kids” and what not.