The Hype is real!

I just saw an Evolve commercial while watching TV… SO HYPED. Anyone else see it yet!? Soooooo beast.


I saw it. TBH I feel the commercial was badass but not informative enough. A franchise such as COD or Halo could pull a trailer like that but with a new franchise I feel as though the trailer should be more informative about what the game is actually about.


Well I feel like it will get people asking about it. Than they can look on the interwebs and learn about it, from places like the forums! :blush:

Yeah and also they probaby have a good understanding from the Xbox one beta

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If they played it. Most people watch TV, but only some have XBones, and only some of those people played the beta.

except the “interwebs” is full of slander and misinformation. from various wannabe journalists, i mean sheeple


Whale hopefully they will come to the games website first rather than $h!tty reviewers.


DEAD :laughing:
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What did the commercial show?

link please??? I wish to see this, thank you.

(Unless of course it isn’t available in recorded form, then I will need to wait.)

It was pretty much just the opening cinematic for the game, with the first tier battling Goliath.

I can’t find it recorded, sorry. Maybe its this?

No, that’s an old commercial. It didn’t have that song, and look at the ending. Autumn 2014.

Can’t stop the hype train because…


What a stupid commercial. How would customers know there’s even a PC or Ps4 version?

I’m pretty sure at the end it shows all the game systems it’s for. Like every single game commercial ever.

When commercial is almost over it shows it is for PC/Xbox/Ps4.

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you guys should listen to a member of this forum protecting Evolve

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