The hunting stage of the game simply isn't fun for me anymore


At first it was. When everyone was bad and didn’t know how to play monster that well.

I got to level 28 in the beta where most monsters know what they’re doing and it’s impossible to engage a monster that doesn’t want to be engaged. Wraith and Kraken especially. Your best bet at actually trapping a monster is against goliath, but even he can easily traverse the map and run away.

Since most games are 80% hunt and 20% fighting, I’m just not feeling Evolve anymore. The monsters are just far too mobile and can run away from the hunters and startle every pack of birds to the other side of the map and it simply doesn’t matter. The problem is compounded 10 fold against a monster who actually knows how to use sneak effectively.

In the event that the hunters do manage to trap and engage the monster, chances are there is plenty of vertical space for the monster to abuse, or plenty of pillars for him to run around so that he takes no damage.

“kill the generator” and “hunters win in 3 minutes if you don’t stop being a pussy” are two clunky counter measures to combat a generally unfinished system. I’m canceling my preorder for now. I was so hyped for this game so It surprises me to say that. I’ll preorder Evolve again if hunters gain more mobility or the monster gets less. The hunting stage of the game just doesn’t feel fun or rewarding, especially when the best you can hope for against a good monster is to remove its armor by the time the dome is down which really doesn’t matter at all.


on the PC the only mode is hunt , so yeah haha you will spend the majority of the game hunting.

FIgthing against monsters that dont engage like wraith even when trapped i find that cabot is the best support , dust cloud inside the dome and it will reveal the monster long engouh to do dmg and punish, im lvl 25 and i play cabot , going vs lvl 25ish wraith and we usually win , if we lose the wraith ended up with a few hps making it a close match.

also as a monster you need to see who is the trapper , depending of the trapper that changes my play style as the monster , for instance i see they have an abe , as the monster i ran to a location and sneak the the other side of the map , to the very edge , then i slowly eat , spreading my kills so carryion birds dont show up. i was able to lvl up to stage 2 and get full armor until the first carrion birds show up

If they were to have maggie then thats a diferent story as daisy will eventually find you feeding place xD

anyway im having a blast and this is just hunt mode!

(sorry for my english , its not my frist :P)


I agree with everything you said but its true that good monsters can never be caught.

In my games especially with Wraith i just go stage 2 and start fighting.First of all because i’m bored to go stage 3.Secondly i don’t need stage 3 :slight_smile: .Third because i feel bad knowing that the hunters are probably cursing me.
Even the 1 or 2 times i got caught in the dome at stage 1 i never left with my HP down.I was just jumping/flying/teleporting at every direction to keep away from the assault and i was just leaving the arena with only my armor down.

Now i don’t have any solutions on this.But i think when a monster gets domed at stage 1 that should be punishable and if he doesn’t end up dead he should at least loose 40-50% of his life.


I don’t know…in my experience once you get the dome on a monster that’s stage one you can usually easy keep on him for food denial. Works with hunters versus me, anyway! :smile: Hunters fan out and are much better able to corral it for a second dome before it has any time to armor up.


You have a point but i still think getting domed stage 1 needs to be more punishable than this


also to track the monster dont forget to use the audio , wildlife can help you if you keep you ears open !

When im the support and we are going against a very sneaky monster ill try to think what i will do if im the monster , and if my team go into one direction ill go another , to cover ground , as any support you can do that as you have cloak . Get to high ground and keep your ears open !


Sorry to hear that dude. Hopefully you’ll give the game another shot after it’s out :smiley:

I can’t say that I’m as experienced in the beta but the system seems pretty polished to me. To me, it just seems like at higher levels there’s a lot of mind games going on in order to figure out how to flush out the monster for the trapper to dome. It also seems that when a monster is in the dome that doesn’t want to fight, then it’s the trapper’s job to keep it pinned. It feels like the tools are there for the hunters but it requires more coordination for hunters to take advantage of than a monster to pull off effectively.

The unfortunate result is that if it doesn’t come together well the experience isn’t gratifying for a hunter since it becomes an endless negative feedback loop until a loss.


all good tips for playing hunters, good hunters who pay attention to sound and fan out and play right etc. can eventually find the monster. My point is that it doesn’t matter. All the monster has to do is book it in the opposite direction and the hunters just can’t keep up. A monster who knows when to sneak and how to effectively use sneak is an even bigger problem in this regard.

It’s relatively easy to hide and its plenty easy to sneak to throw the hunters off your tracks. Even if you get domed at stage 1 you can usually just run in circles until it goes away and lose no health at all.

I understand there will be more modes, but TRS said the emphasis is on hunt. If the game goes competitive, it’s for hunt mode. That’s a shame because I really don’t find the tracking phase that fun as hunters. I’m able to find the monster plenty. Having it be in a good position to get domed (and having it have low armor when you do dome it) is rare. To have an evasive monster lose any life in the dome is even more rare.

Soon as the dome goes down they just book it across the map and hunters can’t keep up. I made another topic about how there should be more wildlife that slows monsters down by draining stamina or other methods, but I’m not sure that will happen. My biggest issue is 100% the fact that monsters are too mobile while hunters are not. If the gap isn’t bridged in some way I can not see myself ever having fun with hunt mode.


it’s a matter of who’s hunting who. the most amusing games i’ve played i just take core abilities and confuse the hunters from the start, then separate and pick them off.

if you pick and choose engagements you can just take them out at your pleasure at rank 1.

it’s easiest with wraith, followed by kraken.

wraith can just use it’s decoy and strafe with warp blast. supernova is generally a bad idea at T1 unless you do it as part of a fast strafe.

effective use of the decoy means you get your hunters facing away from you and supernova from behind.

with the kraken you just have to get armor and rush vortex T2 and lightning T1

about sneaking: you dont even need to sneak half the time, just keep leading the hunters in circles and move fast


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Especially on certain maps cough RENDERING PLANT cough.

There’s no where to go. If I get monster on Rendering plant, I just sit at the spawn. There’s nowhere you can hide. Nowhere to run. The entire map revolves around one central spot and the hunters will simply use that to always be up your butt and get in front of you.


its hard for the hunters to keep up with the monster , i agree , thats why you dont follow , you intercept … if you keep following you will never cach up , use your map to your advantage , hes going north from the east , go north from the west , to pull this you need map knowledge… as for sneak , i agree , tho there are tools that help with sneaking. do you think the monster is in the vicinity ? radiation dust , daisy , sound spikes , and buckets uav all help alot vs stealth monsters that like to backtrack or juke, and people dosent seam to see how strong the uav is , it can out ran a monster!!!


I only want to play as monster, but playing as a monster sucks, in a hunt the hunters are on you within what seems like seconds of the game starting. The trapjaw tracking needs nerfing badly, being found despite sneaking, leaving decoy tracks or simply running away annoyed me no end, i doubt ill buy this game if its stays like it


That’s all hunting 101 and everything I said suggests that none of that matters. A good monster can easily shake the hunters and feed at its leisure.


you don’t sneak against daisy. You just run and leave tracks everywhere, because who cares? Maggie has no way to slow you down unless you fly over her harpoon traps which should never happen in a chase. Hunters catch you on the north side of the map? Go straight through the center of the map south. You’ll get there 3x faster than they will, feed for a full armor, repeat.


if you play as wraith you can never get trapped in arena because of warp blast followed by warp

its just like DOW2 last stand


Yeah. I’ve been directly on top of wraith before and threw down a mobile arena. 3 warps and it’s out of range by the time the arena actually deploys


For how hard it is to trap the wraith I feel like it should be punishing for it to fight in confined spaces… but it’s not.


I agree. The chokes are pretty bad, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets re-designed. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets banned in map selection in competitive play.


i think thats the strength of the map , the choke points for the hunters , you can easly control the map , then again Orbital Drill is a nightmare for the hunters


yeah map balance does play a pretty big part, too. I think rendering plant is actually a great map. I’ve won on it as monster plenty but it’s always a constant struggle to get away from the hunters. Way too much time on just about every other map is spent sneaking around as the monster and never having the hunters near you.

If every map was like rendering plant I think I’d like the game more. The hunt should be more of a chase. It shouldn’t take minutes at a time to find the monster.