The hunters real mission isn't to stop the invasion, or save the colonists


Came across a conversation a bit ago between Lennox, and Cabot. Cabot says something along the lines of
Cabot: Our mission is to retrieve a paterson device.
In which Lennox, being the founder of the colony, questions Cabot on why they aren’t saving the colony. Cabot has no answer for her.
So we now know that Cabot and his team weren’t hired to stop the invasion, but rather retrieve a patterson device. Cabot doesn’t seem to like talking about this. The hunters are having difficulty collecting patterson devices from shear due to the monsters destroying them when they’re found. What is the big deal with patterson devices? :scream:


IIRC Patterson devices are what let humans travel through space quickly. @Matthew could you clarify?


It could be that Cabot’s team cannonically meet Lennox (and the rest of T5) after the events that happen during the 5th evac day(defend) where the last ship equipped with the engine required to traveling between Shear and civilization have left or been destroyed(depending on which side that won), so the patterson device is what is required to get into hyperspace(I think it’s refered to “slip space” in Evolve) and leave Shear on the Marie’ann.

Several hunters make statements hinting that they are stuck on Shear, even if they win.


Must be Cabot planning ahead. Obviously some of the team has no idea that this is going on, some are still dead-set on saving the survivors.


This. By the time Lennox and even T4 got there, the initial evac is prooooobably over. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah… canonically, the characters come in as time moves forward. So T1-T3 are the initial landing group, T4 are the “Heroes of Shear”, so they come in somewhere during the Evac (Presumably during the last three days as Crow was following Slim around for quite a while), and T5 come in after the evac is over.

So by the time that convo is happening, the evac is over and whoever is left on Shear is screwed. The Hunter’s mission at that point is to try to retrieve a Patterson Drive, AKA an FTL-capable ship/FTL engine that could be retrofitted onboard the Laurie-Anne, so they can get the hell out of there.

And probably get more job offers.


Oh, I like this progression. It makes a lot of sense! Maybe a hypothetical T6 will be a group of hunters sent in to help the others off the planet. We do have that weird post credits scene that suggests things are still going on after the Evac. It leaves some cool potential for the future.


Laurie Ann. It’s named after his (presumably) deceased wife.


The Patterson Field Equations are what unlock anti-gravity, force fields, and FTL. These are all different applications of something called “The Patterson Effect.”


Each group of DLC heroes advances the timeline a little. So canonically, by the time Lennox and Cabot meet, they’ve already saved the colonists and are stuck on Shear.


So the Monster ending is non-canon

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Maggie sure has good luck with getting stranded on hostile planets :anguished:

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“I was there at the end. I was here at the end. I seem to have a knack for it.”


Keep up the great work. Your writing is one of the reasons I’ve been sticking with the game.


Thanks! I hope I get to write for you guys for a long time.


I think I speak for a great many of us when I say we share that hope. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Twiddles thumbs.
T4 lore threads?
Also when are you doing another livestream?

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You said a bad word, if you watched the last stream he was in :wink:


Ooh, I’d like to hear some more about Crow. What he was like before joining Survey? Life on Candle? That kinda stuff.

Or Torvald. Was he always so intense and scary or did losing his body do that to him? Life on Clocktower? Around the time he was recruited to the Ajax. That’d be cool too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I like to see what got Crow going for planet survey.