THE HUNTER Comic (AKA Playing with my Toys)

The forum recently hiccuped for a few of us…so I started playing with some stuff lying around…
I will call this silly little comic: The Hunter

Now finished! ENJOY!



Mmmmm, escargot!

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I would totally help make this a stop motion video if I had an editing software at my house and if you were down for it but unfortunately I don’t have the software :weary:

There is a lot of free software you can use to make stop motion. I was doing that with Windows Movie Maker back in 2003

Yeah but free software is never really as good.

Thank you. It was only supposed to be like a one photo, then one page joke but then I kept taking pictures, as I am wont to do, and now it’s become a thing…moderation, that is Sledge!

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On Final Cut Pro X (my preferred software) I have so much flexibility and so many options.

Updated with Page 10, lol, but probably won’t get the rest done until tomorrow since my son is gonna be home from school and wanna play some MarioKart. ENJOY!

INTENSE! How will it end?!

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Is President business dead at this point?

His tentacle bots would come in real handy about now!

We all know you like playing with toys

I hadn’t thought about putting a micro-manager into the mix…I’ll see if my son wants to build that for the story!

Thank you! I couldn’t remember the name.

Yes, if those are around the Lego people might have a chance.

The title of my forum post was meant to be innocuous! Lol.

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Yeah but…Internet

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The rustling of the Jimmies made me laugh for a while. :smile:
How long are you planning on making this? Or don’t you know yet?

The red text has me doing the same! XD

Knowing me…probably 10 more pages heh.


I hope so. I really enjoy things like this so keep it coming. :smile: