The Hunt ranking system on PC! any ideas on how to increase its use?


Hi, yet another post from me, Do you enjoy playing Hunt mode on PC?

If so is there a reason you dont play it or a reason you play it alot?

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the player base on Hunt ranking Mode?

Leave a suggestion in the comments below and see if you can increase the number of games you have and rank up! Surely there are alot of people that like to play but dont because they arent online at the same times. So use this thread to add each other and add me on steam if you guys are interested in Ranking on up and taking the challenge!

Thanks for reading


picks and bans for monsters and hunters* and maps and also an adjustment for the points system, it’s not particularly logical to gain 1 point for a win and lose 10 points for a loss

also…yes I do enjoy hunt it’s the best mode and when you are matched with equal skilled people in ranked it makes for exciting close games unfortunately there are times when you are mismatched

*though with this if you ban a hunter/monster it’s variation should also be banned

edit-also removing buffs would be a good idea


Put in Seasons, reset the ranks every month to prevent stagnation


I don’t know of any issues with it as I have managed so few games on it, But it sounds like a perfect solution to make quick play issue, I have played a game or two that where close, win or loose you still enjoy the fight,

At the minute I just get random quick play games that seem to be match to a certain degree, I’m around 30 so I tend to see people give or take ten levels. Same skill that’s cool, kinda new players that are good but have enough slack so you can chill a bit and play around with them is fun, but I would like to see an increase in players,
Is it not one point for one point? I dunno as I only ever had the one point lol


How do you mean seasons?


yeah, I should clarify that I was exaggerating slightly but you do tend to lose more points than you gain seemingly regardless of the skill level of hunters you face


Cool, yea but you are gonna loose a lot more than you win, same as anything really, If they want people to play they should increase points for win, maybe 3 for win and one for loose, you still get the best at the top but allows you to not have so much pressure on hating to loose, you win the last game! That’s great, so win this next game and your last game won’t have been a waste of time :confused: really bad system, win a game that took half hour, loose that next game and you lost the whole hour, if that’s not disheartening I don’t know what is, I would still play just for the mode though


So Blizzard does this and it works very well.

Every month you reset the ranks and everyone has to go through their placement matches and then are placed in their rank. Then adding a small incentive to finish the season. This prevents a player from being like well I can’t go any higher or the dreaded I keep getting knocked farther and farther down the ladder and only lose because I’m with terrible players (hunters). For Monsters we just get stuck in the same rank and with the same people so.


If you go look at the gold levels of hunt, most players don’t have over 20 total games. There needs to be some way where if you play more, you earn more. And those people in gold with <20 games need some sort of point-losing system so they need to fight to stay there.


true, What they could do with that is offer a token similar to your elite crown beside the players logo, just a dot, if you win this month you get yellow, next month you go green if you go up again through the ranks, after 3 months you get a new skin that looks cool, you dont have to win 3 months in a row, just win 3 month in a year you get your skin, I guarantee you will get people interested,

Maybe do a special orange skin for defend, a blue for arena and red for hunt mode, I think its pretty fool proof, and I would play on a monthly basis to get my red skin, as for the points system, you could win a game win 2 points, loose a game loose 1 point, you dont have people then cursing the game to high heavens then win they win then loose the next game, at present you win one game gain a point, loose a game loose 1 point, seems fair until you realize you just lost both games with one being bitter sweet.

Let me know what you think, would that give you interest to play more?


I disagree that you should always get more points for the win. If you lose to lower ranks you should lose more and vice versa. Now the problem is that I’ve played against 2-3 higher skill groups and lost 4-5 points for that. And when I win equal group I get one and sometimes more for lower groups. Odd. Same time it took too long to get up or down. System should be more rewarding and more punishing.


for it to be more or both the game need a kick in the ass, I currently cant find games, the mode may as well just not exist. Its disappointing as I would and have tried playing it, This game as good as it is offers no rewards, it gives badges and weird card things, but rewarding systems are newish in the last decade so I would forgive for that, as this game design has been here since before left for dead, it still has that old play or dont play feel, your reward is just be happy with winning. going back to the likes of tomb raider and all that, very little if any reward and even for completing a game, So if they brought an Evolve 2 out I would love to see a rewarding system similar to black ops and things like that,


i love ranked hunt. i don’t really like any of the other modes really. they are fun though, but i like hunt the most and i choose to play ranked hunt consistently because i want to play hunt mode almost exclusively. i wish there was more reason to actually play the other modes, or that the other modes were more integrated with the ranked mode. maybe like a ranked random mode where you play a random game style or something.

as for the ranked mode itself i think the ranking system needs a reboot.

in my opinion it’s kinda dumb to have 5 different ranks and three different tiers.
by that i mean the bronze-skilled, elite, master, destroyer, elite stuff.

like now, i’m stuck in bronze because i keep usually get grouped with people that are bad. and one of my very first matches i ever played as a determining rank, i got paired against a silver monster. obviously a huge difference in skill that goes very much so in the monsters favor.

i think it should be more like starcraft 2’s ranking system. bronze is the bottom in starcraft, and bronze usually get paired with bronze, because they are actually equal skill levels. once they start getting better, they get paired against a silver(the next level up) and once they win enough they become silver. it works like that through 7 different levels. not saying that evolves rank system should be exactly like starcraft’s, but more balanced so it’s less frustrating to play as hunter and more rewarding.

i also think that your actual performance should dictate how many points you win/lose. if you lose as hunter, but you perform much better than the global average, which it shows you if you did at the end of a match, then you shouldn’t lose many points if any really. conversely, if you win and do really well as your class you should get a lot of points, all based on how well you did as your class. because like others have said, sometimes you win a match, and only get like, 3-4 points, but then you lose a match and lose 10 points. this would get people that are actually pretty good at the game to get in the silver tier (staying with the current ranking model and not my suggestion above) and people would be grouped with players that are similarly skilled and it would be a much more enjoyable experience.

  • Make it not that frustrating
  • Losing points is okay if you not need to play one month to compensate 10 loses.


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