The Hub captures 4 monsters, puts them in a zoo


The goliath prowls around his cage, throwing rocks at the wall, breathing fire, trying to bust his way out. The kraken sits in a corner staring up at the people, gently running his tentacles along the edge of the glass. Wraith sulks along the floor, gauging the distance to the outside, occasionally warping to the top only to teleport back down when the glass doesn’t give. Behemoth hides behind a rock wall, occasionally the staff can see he’s trying to dig out through the floor.

Which Monster escapes?


Wraith because she’s a decoy obviously


All of them of course, because Hyde stupidly wishes for death so he frees them.


You stay away from my Hyde you


All of them.
Stupid PETA ruining everything.


Wraith and Kraken, because a glass cage won’t hold for long.


Wraith because it’s a Decoy and Kraken because it’s smarter and has a plan.


Escapes? They were never trapped to begin with