The Host monster is basically Motaro from Mortal Kombat


This is gonna sound weird and this thread is kind of a joke but… So The Host was a monster that was in early Evolve with scorpid:

And was scrapped due to the Ai abilities being it’s only attacks and they didn’t think people would like fighting it or using it.

Motaro was a boss in Mortal Kombat and playable in Mk trilogy:

Then when MK armageddon was being developed they said their only option to have him in that game is to rework him:

So everyone hated him in that game pretty much and when MK9 came round he was in cutscenes and had four legs, Wooooo maybe he will be a boss or playable? Nope not playable in the game or even as a boss…So Mkx gets announced and the cult following Motaro has ask Ed boon if Motaro will be in the game and he basically said no cause people think fighting Motaro “A character that fills up half the screen and can teleport is fun, People think it would be but it isn’t” Despite that Motaro is one of the most requested characters for any future MK game he has FB pages and almost fans at fanboy status.

Now if The Host is in Evolve they will have to atleast rework it a’bit. Some people want a summoner monster and if they turn all it’s abilities into non Ai will it still be the same monster? Will people be drawn to the summoner that can’t summon. I personally would love to see the Host monster in Evolve with Ai attacks. Minions are fun. Only difference between Motaro and The Host (Aside from the looks and pretty much everything) Is that no-one aside from the devs have played as The Host. So no-one in the community knows if it would of been fun. People wouldn’t care about Decoy if they could kill it and the Hosts Ai was killable, Also ot could use the Ai growing on it’s back to give it abilities like i.e wasps gave it a hovering ability.

Both Motaro and the Host have a group of followers and no-one has even played as the Host. I think TRS could make it work.

P.s sorry for grammar and please don’t take this too seriously. I’m weird and type about random things xD



He looks weird with two legs… :scream:



2 legged Motaro was sacrilege and we shalt not speakith of him