The hate is real


Wow, I never realized how much hate and venom there was for this game until I looked at the comment section in GameSpot’s Kala trailer today. I’ll admit I’ve had my complaints along the way, but I’ve always loved this game. It’s unique and a breath of fresh air among so many cookie cutter “AAA” titles. I see allot of hate over dlc pricing for the most part. And some over how long it takes to fix bugs, balance issues, etc. I know evolve’s population has dwindled some, but has it really lost that much of its player base? And what’s with the hate over dlc? I’m happy to pay if it’s worth it. And I don’t believe TRS did the ol’ “cut content to sell as dlc later” move. It’s sad to see such a great game the target of so much hate and venom.


Bandwagon + Uninformed masses…


exactly this.

some people forget how much those can affect things

but really nice you see what we see now!


I looked at that today, too. I commented on a post about how the game is "dead."
That’s what everyone, everywhere seems to say about Evolve.

Then I tell them to look at the Steam Charts, and if the number reads anything other than “0,” the game cannot be dead lol


There are legitimate points you can make about how long it takes for them to fix bugs or balance issues, as well as some of the day one DLC being better suited as in game content. But most of the DLC complaining is just vitriol spewed by people who have no idea what they are talking about.


“Fifty told me switch the style up and if they hate, then let them hate, and watch the money pile up.” -Kanye West


Most never played the game. It’s a case of I heard 1 person say that game sucks so I will too. It also helps validate the games they play, I’m not wasting my time playing this game because at least i’m not playing Evolve.


Unfortunately that was more a decision from 2K side rather than from TRS. But I agree, I saw the article and it makes me angry, but at the same time I’ve given up in trying to convince.

See it like this, let all the little kids go with the hype train and play their CoD, battlefront, whatever (apologies beforehand if I am offending anyone), while the adults stick to a game that requires skill, has no cheaters, is continuously being updated, free content added without extra charge, and is fun to boot.


Oh so that was you! You deserve a like.:bucket_salute:


That’s actually why all my friends stopped playing it. About 5-6 of my pals I’ve played games with since we were kids got frustrated in the game’s early days with imbalance issues. The early days of the OP Wraith and the way players made you chase after them for the entire match with no hope of catching it killed the game for them. Took too long to fix for them. Then they all jumped on the hate train after that. Sad.


Sucks that my favorite game has so many haters. :cry:

I legitimately hate Dark Souls games… but I do not go around telling others they are dumb for playing and liking them. For some reason people are all about letting everyone know how dumb they think you are if you enjoy Evolve.

Haters gonna hate


Ew that comment section is and infestation of uninformed ignorance. I could barely stand looking at it. I don’t know why I even looked, I should’ve known that was gonna be the case :confused: .


well, you can’t de-salt the ocean entirely. only small portions at a time


It’s total bandwagon. Go to the same forums where they are discussing Mortal Kombat X DLC characters and you wont see half as much of the same comments, even though it’s exactly the same situation, and the game itself has no more content.


Whats sad 'bout this is that half those people never played the game. They go off of what others say and stick with it.

Oh yeah, that Kala teaser comments made me laugh. If they TRULY believe this game is dead, which its not, then they shouldn’t be commenting on it. Still didnt stop me from crying internally for the rest of thursday.


The majority of people who hate on the game are the muppets who buy annually released, rehashed, no skill games because hey if a game requires a moderate level of skill or some time commitment to better their skill f that man. then they buy the dlc that lacks any real dept or a sufficient addition to the game for studios who pay no mind to game bugs by flipping the bird to their consumers and telling them see you next year.
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TRS is passionate about their game and care about their playerbase and do a hell of a lot. when i told some new players that they do bi-weekly skin challenges it was highly positive reactions.

thank you guys at TRS for doing what you do.


Takes long to fix bugs? WHAT? inserts random gif


Praise the Sun…


I’m accustomed to this type of thing by now. Back in 2007 and 8, when Radical Entertainment changed the Crash Bandicoot formula to have mind controlled Titans (mutated and sometimes hybrid animals. Cool creatures not unlike cartoony monsters. In fact, the Grimly has a passing resemblance towards Wraith, both having a ghostly movement) and added co-op and a combat system. It was a great idea, if flawed execution (similar to my view of this game). But it was great regardless and people bashed it until it died. Then in 2013, DmC: Devil May Cry was released, to bashing of fans because Dante didn’t act like a cheesy Japanese-style hotshot. The slightly less hard core mechanics were also bashed by purists who liked the harder difficulties that required perfect playing. Forget the better story direction and art style, or the fact that the “easier” gameplay was more accessible. They bashed it to death (so far. Amazon has fairly positive reviews and it’s been accumulating some nostalgic status)

Good ideas have a knack for being killed for stupid reasons in the video game industry, which is why I feel we need to fight these kinds of things tooth and claw and show support wherever it pops up. At least on YouTube and large sites like Gamespot and IGN. I actually saw an IGN video where they mentioned Evolve (the video’s topic was “When is it too late to join a multiplayer community?” with Evolve being the thumbnail) and there were several, over-upvoted comments. One particular one which infuriated me was “Evolve? You’re supposed to miss that boat” 60-something thumbs up…We can’t let those kinds of things happen. The upvotes just give newer people an incentive to joing the hate wagon just so they can feel cool and part of the crowd. I’ve seen this kind of thing too many times, and I really wish it wouldn’t happen again.


Its a sad reality of the world we live in

example: First black man elected president in America

Most disrespected President ever elected in a while regardless of political opinion

Society still has alot of maturing to do