The hardest team of hunters to counter goliath


Which is the hardest team of hunters that can counter goliath. I just want to know cause I really want to challenge myself now.


Tier 12 hunters…


Tier 3, trust…


Already did teir 3 hunters. I killed them a lot. What about a mixed team of hunters? All I can come up with is Cabot, Lazarus, Hyde and maggie or abe.


Ok try this… Parnell, griffin, Cairo and hank


Ok here we go


Honestly all the Hunters are fairly effective against Golaith - some struggle against Wraith and Kraken though do to flight and what-the-heck-where’d-it-go respectively.


Ok I think I’m gonna go on one multiplayer match and see what happens there.


Btw I still won that match


The most challenging team which can counter Goliath hardcore is the ones who know how to play their roles. If I were going to pick specific characters though, it’d be the following: Val, Hank, Markov, and Abe.

Val can constantly keep you slowed with her Tranq’s, fill you up with weak points, and keep a huge distance with her medigun. Val always stays with the high ground and on the opposite end of Hank.

Hank will constantly be on the opposite end of Val and keep the team shielded throughout. They have a great timing with orbitals and will more often than not use it in defensive situations when you least expect it. Just like Val, he’ll stay up high and as far away as he can from Val with his shield.

Markov will place mines at Val and Hank to protect them from your rock throws. Because they’re up high, you’ll need to pop an ability to get rid of the mine. In an ideal situation for Markov, you won’t be able to do anything about that mine and may very well eat one if you try to get Val or Hank.

Abe will stasis nade you to death. This, coupled with Val’s tranq’s will make your life a living hell while your mobility abilities are on CD. It may not seem like much, but three seconds of damage while you’re rolling around at the speed of a slug HURTS.

Of course, none of this really matters if you’re facing against bots @scart101. If you want a really hard team, you need to face off against good players. This can easily be difficult as of now 'cause we don’t know your rank and the game’s only been out for four days. Give it time, you’ll start to see team beam being a difficult crew to counter as Goliath :wink:


I played a match with plaff, Michigan bull, ayyboy and dark hardie and it was the hardest match I played as Goliath. They used caira, griff, hank and parnell and I almost died but clutched it. Play with real people cuz it’s way too easy against bots even when they have the upper hand


I’m level 29


My team runs Laz, Cabot, Abe, Parnell. #Shrekt goliath


I play with bots because…

  1. It’s easier to for xp and to get elite stuff,
  2. Cause my little brother likes playing it but only wants to play bots, he’s afraid someone my be mean to him.