The gun effects/sprites are better when


The gun effects/sprites are better when you watch the “preview” of the hunter class, for example, if you look at Parnell’s preview, you can see that the explosions of his multiple rocket launcher is WAY bigger in the video preview than when you play him yourself… The explosions are suddenly little fart dusts.

What’s up with this? Any way to configure it through files?




Hanks orbital strike in the tutorial video looks amazing as it is coming down… why did they remove it? :frowning:


One is a pre-recorded video, the other is in game with technical limitations? Also, they changed a lot of effects so it wouldn’t be ‘cluttered’ in combat.


that’s my question as well!


Devs removed some lighting effects for better performance.
i have a gtx 770 and i can play mid settings only, because i havnt enough vram and the graphic card is to low.