The greatest bug to ever exist in Evolve (do not fix this bug pls)

This needs to be a thing.

Please please make this legit at some point. I feel like tagging someone at TRS would be worthwhile here, just not sure who.

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It won’t. The current maps are too small and there’s not enough wildlife to sustain two monsters.

had a double goliath game after I requested a restart.

Pretty sure the game crashes once one of them is stage two and both engage.

It was terrifying.

Was one of the hunters an AI? If so, that could be a part of this problem. The role-shuffler for a restart accidentally shunts someone else into being the monster, leaving the team with an ai, but the game still only has 5 players.

wow amazing

The support was ai.

@Macman we need it

Jesus … It would be awesome… 2 monsters but only stage one and little underpowered. It would be super fun xD