The greatest bug to ever exist in Evolve (do not fix this bug pls)


There is a bug in Evolve that places 2 monsters in one match.
The chances of this happening is around 1%
please do not fix this bug =D


Oh this again. This happened when someone requested a restart, correct?


I don’t know, all I know is I got put into this double monster game lol


that’s all kinds of awesome.


God…Two Krakens. OUCH.


Why does cool stuff only happen to other people ;-;


this needs to be legit, there need to be a game like this, more balanced of course but still


So so so so AWESOME!


Should definately be fixed.
Give this bug its own game mode!
I actually want to hunt 2 monsters


1 Kraken was so hard to kill. 2? Why?! O.o


At least it isn’t 2 Wraiths -.-
They both put 3 points into warp blast.
It was over before it started ;-;


Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.



On the bright side, we didn’t have to chase them both around for 20 minutes ^.^
bang bang shots fired
Although this brings up the question, if they had used supernova, would they have benefit from each others cloud?


O_o Mother of god…

And if you got two Cabots…How would the Amps stack?


Imagine 2 Hanks…thats…thats just cruel ;-;



Do you lose if one dies?


if I could i would give that vid 100 likes lol. This bug definitely qualifies as a happy accident. If the hunters didnt realise the bug you could really mess with them. they would think your teleporting. “He went this way! Wait! What! How did he get behind us?!” >:)


this bug been out for ages. i myself was in a game of 2 brohemoths… and that was not pleasant… it was truly a feast for the monster.

the last 30 seconds of the game


Pretty much proves that humanity could never beat the monsters. I hope to one day experience this glitch from the monsters side.