The greater good


While sitting at my set in the MGM Grand waiting for the mayweather pacquiao fight, I’m thinking about a conversation with a good friend eariler today. She is a monster player and bought the game for this reason, while I’m a hunter player who rarely plays monster.

I find that we agree on certain aspects of evolve, and differ on others. We have ideas of how to change things to be better on both sides, even though she may be one of the most stubborn people ever (not a bad thing). However today she posed her feelings on current monster play and for once I find myself without an answer of how it could be better.

To her, playing monster just isn’t fun anymore. When asked why, she stated “it’s frustrating if you win or lose”. So to that I asked, “so how would you fix that”? No answer. So here is the problem as I see it,:

  1. TRS is kinda handcuffed, monster win rate is 54 to 46% in matches of lv 30s and higher. However, monster players say it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just not fun. So what’s not fun, the tranq stasis sunny combo? If that’s it then I get that, not too fair. So fix that right? There is the problem, if you fix that this is now an advantage to a monster base t gd at is already winning 8% more of the matches. Thus only increasing the likelihood that that percentage increases, hence TRS delima.

  2. Hunter side: it’s not satisfing at all to wreck a low lv monster, nor is it fun when to have one hunter that has no clue what they are doing and the monster crushes an entire team because of it. Matchmaking needs to be better all around. Where are the days of competitive game play? The best wins or loses are the ones that are the closest.

When a monster insta leaves b/c they either feel they can’t win or the hunter team constructed will be a nightmare to play against something is wrong. When hunters leave because they see an elite kraken an don’t want to fight because it’s been broke for months on end, it’s no fun.

So how can both sides come together to figure out a fair and balanced way to bring the fun back to a conceptually great game and in the meantime retain the players of a dwindling player base and welcome new ones into the fold?


I’d venture that a huge part of the problem is just the complexity of the problem at hand. At the end of the day, reintroducing the fun of being a monster without putting the hunters at a disadvantage is an immense dilemma. If this were 1v1, it wouldn’t be such an issue, but as it stands now.

  • It’s not really enjoyable to obliterate the other side, whether you’re the monster or hunters. There’s no real challenge - or sense of accomplishment - when you roll in and wipe the floor with the opposing team.

  • One poor hunter can really, utterly wreck the game for the rest of the team.

  • There are endless variations of hunter combos that monsters don’t want to deal with.

  • There are endless exploits for monsters that hunters don’t want to deal with.

So how can you add or subtract from any individual character in a way that won’t have a cascade of negative consequences through the rest of the lineup? It’s not a problem I can solve alone. SO, here’s my suggestion to readers. Post your suggestions for your main.

Wraith Grievances:

  • Smell is too loud; hunters can hear it from a mile away
  • Two of her four abilities are pretty useless against a coordinated team (Decoy and Supernova)
  • CC techniques end the match; you sustain too much damage before you can even think of getting away.

I’d enjoy playing Wraith more if:

  • She could effectively stealth again (less noisy, faster traversal, maybe)
  • Her kit was addressed to make all abilities viable (plenty of threads on that, look `em up)
  • She was given better “outs” for CC techniques

Overall: Being a wraith should make me feel powerful and scary, and instead I start every game feeling helpless and frustrated. I don’t need her to be stronger; but I would like to feel stealthy again, rather than seeing the hunters riding my pretty wraith tail from the second I start til the second I die.

Wraith matches should feel strategic and methodical; rather than a blind spamming of techniques in the hopes something goes horribly wrong for the hunters.


Hull integrity has been comprised. I’m finding it hard not to jump ship…

btw, nice picturey thingy.


They need to focus on expanding the game rather than fixing what currently stands. There’s nothing really new or exciting after a month of playing, after that you’ve done everything and there no reward system for being proficient in hunter or monster roles.

Apart from boosting in power through masteries… Even then, the “Amazing” matchmaking takes it all away, being level 40 with 3/4 elite monsters… Being faced against level 15’s and belows. It’s insanely deflating when you breeze through a bunch of no hopers :sweat:

They need to fix problems and also add more to the mix. If it’s dying now, they need to act now or create a balanced game for under 500 people…


A good start would be not looking at a ~50% winrate across every random pug above a certain level and deciding that it is therefore balanced.


Easy answer why monster players say its not fun, it’s really really stresfull to play against good people when you are constantly in panic mode fleeing and running for your life.

And the opposite if you don’t feel any pressure from the hunters you cant enjoy the win because its was a stomp.

TLDR: The game is not for everyone but its great if you like big stress/discomfort to your self.

Other games with similiar feeling is Arma3 battleroyale mod personally i really like that so also like playing monster in this.


This. TRS should only look at premades vs monster. Not randoms.


Until you have 500 people doing game after game of pre-made forfeits; butchering the statistics. ^.-
Humans are often dicks, they’d do it. :expressionless:


The reason it doesn’t feel fun to win in public games is because there’s no challenge. It’s like preparing to do a race, but before the ref even fires his gun, they hand you the first place ribbon and pat you on the back.

This may sound masochistic of me, but I prefer these “broken nightmare” (they’re not) teams. They force me to play differently and change things up for me.

Me personally, am against any nerfs to hunters, I perform well against pre mades, randoms, etc. Maybe it’s be I’m good, maybe it’s because I play to my strengths I don’t know.

(This is coming from the fella who was against any changes to the T4 hunters even though I haven’t bought them yet)