The Great Upcoming Patch

The reason I adressed the thing with Cabot and his railgun disabling the power relay attack through walls, is that from time to time you have these kind of matches were people just want to win. And they will use everything they can which leads to long, drawn out and frustrating matches.

Yes! Especialy if you manage to hitt a good time for both european and american… Or east asia and america I guess. As long we get a notice befor, like a forum psot or news or something :smiley:

look theres one here…PERFECT… poor kid

Let’s play nice. I really do not want this to turn into one of those threads.

Yeah. I think all of our streams are.

I hear you. Updates have to go through a pretty traditional process right now. Once we have the first big update released, it enables us to do smaller updates a lot more frequently. Working as hard and fast as we can.


Definitely looking into any issues on all platforms. More info soon.

Yes, my understanding is that it does.

Do you have an ETA on the progression patch? I for one am scared to play at this point out of fear of a reset (already been reset once during week one).

I feel like I’m the only one that wants to be reset o_o I’d love to kill some level 1’s again… maybe I’m a bit cynical.

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Anything new on DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash? I literally can’t play a single match anymore. It’s extremely frustrating, since I really enjoyed the game so far.

I actually feel the same way.
So much stomping
So little time

Patch is out for Xbox. Yay! It has updated mastery numbers too.


Does this include the balance updates? How about other platforms like the PC?

PC is coming soon. They had to fix Xbox first since the bugs where so severe on that platform. Don’t worry the fix is coming!

As for the balance updates I know they will have a stream from the studio and notes posted here. @MacMan mentioned mastery changes but nothing on balance quite yet. Let’s see what Friday brings us!

Yea I know there’s a livestream but wasn’t very sure if the patch is going to come before that or if this is it. Thanks for clearing up!

I’m not 100% but I do not believe that the balance patch is going to be released before the stream. I know they will post the balance information early so we have a chance to ask questions.

well i can see the new mastery requirements for the wraith3rd star abduct atleast. MUCH BETTER! 83 instead of 225 abductions away from team.
But i elited my kraken and goliath already. anyone have the new numbers for the kraken and goliath 3rd star changes or any number changes if any?

I love you and and turtle rock ty for updates i just dled the patch and its nice to see my lv 35 and all 4 elites skins i unlocked still in tact:) can i trust the hunters quest app? I played it earlier and it said i need to get 1st stars for marcov when in the main game he’s elite. Donno if its a bug or not. But dont want to unlock 1 star on hunters quest and find out it reset my markov in actual game.

@MacMan When are the patch notes for the balance patch going to be posted?