-=The Grand Gallery of Badges and Splendor=-


Show thy badge(s)!

Dear developers,

I would like to say that I think it would be pretty dope if we could get slots to save multiple badges. Hope you continue to release more backgrounds and icons, they pretty sweet so far. Be well all.


I agree, I’d like that option. :slight_smile:


New one after my first play session with the full release. Damn, I love this game. Really cool getting to finally play Cabot as well.



Some new boys.


Is there a way to post it from ps4


Where do I get the feather snake. I needs the Quetzalcoatl.


You get it from the Hunter’s Quest app when you rank Caira up to lvl 30…
…and she’s one of the squishiest characters I’ve ever seen.


Well ****. This will not be fun


I don’t know. I did mine on PC, but this might help you