The Gorgons babies (Spidertrap)


Anyone else agree that they are OP? They are sooooo annoying to play against wastes so much time and you can spam them…+ they have a decent amount of health


dude just run or jetpack. They can’t climb and are slower than hunter running forward.


Spiders run at 9 meters per second.

Hunters run at 5.5 meters per second.

Either way- I disagree that spider traps are “op”. Annoying? God yes. “Op”? Not really.


I agree with the OP.

Something that is borderline useless against a decent team but ridiculously annoying in public play seems kind of pointless.


I’m not sure how I feel about them.

9 out of 10 times they work just fine and are laughably easy to deal with for damage-oriented teams, but there’s also the 1 situation once in a while where everything just goes to shit at the same time, like a Spider Trap grabbing the Medic and zig zags JUST behind the perfect corners that make it hard to follow JUST when Assault is reloading or unable to help for whatever reason and JUST when Trapper is incapacitated and JUST when Support is out of LoS.

Sounds like nice timing on Gorgon’s end, but it really boils down to dumb luck. Neither side would enjoy losing a match like that.


Yeah if you’re fighting gorgon you can see when and where she’s shooting spider trap so avoiding it is rather easy. If you can’t, just listen to when it screams if you’re close enough then the scream is rather loud, as well as its a very unique high pitched scream and even better if you have a good sound system or surround sound headphones it really helps you hear the bugs positioning better in relation to where you are helping your awareness and your ability to dodge. It screams before it pursuits you and a jet pack dodge straight up (if you’re not sure which way to dodge) is all it takes really. No jet pack fuel? Looks like its gonna get ya unless you hear/ see it coming to you so your only option then is to turn around and run because so long as you’re not too close you can out run spider traps fairly easy already untill you have already one charge of boost getting far enough away to where it burrows itself hidden again.


lies. only one can exist at a time


They’re quite OP when you’re playing as Val. Her sniper rifle is no match for it’s speed and her reload.


I disagree that they’re OP but I do believe hunters that are caught in a spider should have some functionality. Maybe button mash to get out faster or something to that effect


I think that they’re irritating, but nothing close to OP. That’s the whole point of them - to throw the team off balance for not paying attention and help with punishing them, and they do this very well. Not a thing I’d change.

Spider Trap’s damage and health were lowered in the most recent patch to help with people that can’t effectively deal with it. It’s not like you’re caught for a particularly long time, either, so it doesn’t have you out of commission for the duration of the fight, or even a large part of it.