The good ol' days


Remember when people would send in fanart, create stories for the hunters, have constant suggestions for characters, take the effort to have a picture (guilty), and not constantly complain about how they think this game is the most unbalanced thing they will ever see in their insignificant lives? Those were the days.


Ah, remember when lazarus was OP ?
The wraith reveal ?
Good memories.


The “good ol’ days” are gone, the days to come are yet to be determined. I think we will see much more good than bad in the future.

I’m not sure why I’m posting, but you shouldn’t be too worried. Those who enjoy the game will stick around and those who don’t like the game will move on.


This thread is, i believe, about memories on before the game was released.


Remember when Kraken was OP?

And when the interactive trailer came out? Now those were the days!


We are living in the ‘Good Ol Days’… Give it a few months and people will be saying this about now…

“Remember Launch day…”
“Remember When Wraith was OP…”
“Remember before Behemoth was released…” Etc…


When Leaders and moderators were oh-so prominent…


Remember when TRS/2K streams were the most important thing related to Evolve happening all week?

Remember when we were making fun outta the coming mess that is now this?

Now THAT’s the good ol’ days.


Remember JParty?


Remember when people were more normal?


ah man mine is so old…

remember “mother” the lizzie cover trailer…the first time we laid eyes on goliath >_>