The Goliath Voodoo Skin! Will it ever be up for grabs again?


I generally collect the skins for goliath in particular, I have the ,majority of his skins but none beat the Voodoo skin, not even the elite although elite is pretty cool, I hope a get the chance to play for the goliath Voodoo skin.


Nope … Next question


Maybe you never know they may revisit the old skins for the people who haven’t already had a chance they’ve done it already once


yea I got my frog skin, Its not bad but the Voodoo skin looks awesome compared to most others we have, Plus I think working for the skins in game is better than buying skins


I think faithful and long time fans should have things exclusive and don’t come up over and over. There should be unique things like that IMO. That said. I want the gold and the voodoo skins.


I get that but as well as that I as you mention they can have the Gold skin as it doesnt tickle my fancy, I prefer the Voodoo skin and the likes of the bog skin, i just feel like I stand out way too much with bright skins such as the frog skin and tiger skin although the white tiger skin is cool on aviary, with the snow etc,

I guess I’m just particular or ocd about what skins look right on what maps, :slightly_smiling:


I would say maybe. Some of the devs have said they don’t want skins to be a one time thing. I can’t find the quote because they said that almost a year ago, but I remember them saying there would be more than one chance for skins. Unless that has changed I wouldn’t write it off yet.


cool i really hope we get another chance at Voodoo, but I’m pretty sure the gold was a one off as far as i know from reading around a bit.maybe there will be another weekend thing soon similar to the frog skin,

has it just been the gold, poison frog skin and voodoo skin so far? am i missing more?


The gold was a little different because at the time the game had a lot of bugs and the Wraith was beyond broken and scaring people from the game They kinda gave it to people for saying thank you for staying with the game at the time.

But I would hold hope because this came up in the past around when challenges first started and the one dev said they wanted to have more than one chance for skins because they hated one off things for skins.


I need the wraith voodoo skin


I can understand the one of things to some degree, the gold was only for devs in the beginning but they decided to release it, if it was a thank you kinda token i would think certain people that have the gold skin would be pretty pissed to see it re-released,


for me its goliath, Im pretty attached to that play style, fighting my way to the highest rank for goliath slowly but surely lol, I was rank 5001 on sunday or monday, now down to about 1800 ish, I expect that progression to slow pretty sharply though, although i would say wraith looks cool in the voodoo skin, gonna look it up now


I mean I have the gold skins, and maybe it is just me but I wouldn’t care at all if they released them again. But even with me not caring I am pretty sure we will never see another chance for that gold skin again.


sweet, did they give it for all tree monsters at the time? and do ya stand out like a soar thumb on maps like weather control?


Yeah they gave them to all three monsters at the time. and Um I only put the skin on once I think it looks ugly. I have never been a gold guy, but I didn’t think it made monsters that stick out that much. I had to fight a lot of monsters wearing the skin after they gave it out, and I didn’t feel they stood out that that much. I mean a little but not as bad as some of the orange and purple skins you can buy.


It’s been said that all skins will become avaliable at some point or another, so there should be chances coming up again. All the gold monster skins other than goliath have had two runs, and the predator line had a few repeats as well. As of the last official word, the only one that will not be up for grabs again will unfortunately be golden golath.


That’s a matter of perspective.


cool, I played a while ago against my bro playing as the gorgon on the dam map, he had some goldish copper looking skin and it stood out a lot in contrast to the surroundings, doesn’t help find him but definitely helps when aiming the gun.


what was the predator line?


The predator skins for all hunters tiers 1 through 4. 16 in total!


i understand why they rerun skin challenges but that doesnt mean i like it. i hate most voodoo players anyway i dont want to see more of them… not that they suck or are toxic players but… they tend to be toic players using the trolliest or most broken way to fight. same with savage kraken in particular even tho that one has to be bought. i really dislike the fact that they decided to regive out the gold skins the most since that was a thank you to the OG fans but ill have to take a victory with the fact that didnt give out goliath again :/neutral_face: