The Gobi Problem, Counter?


Daisy, Sound Spikes, and Tracking Darts can be countered. Gobi on the other hand, Doesn’t seem to have a counter.

Reply with Gobi Counters and tricks to not get detected by Gobi.

If there is no counter then give us one, make Gobi not be able to detect monsters who aren’t moving and are breaking Gobi’s Line of Sight. @MacMan

In return, make him alert the hunters that the monster is near BUT don’t highlight the monster to show it’s position so the hunters know the monster isn’t moving.


Juke around cliffs, avoid running in a straight line, try stealth often, kill Crow, move around map in a circle like pattern? Lots of counters…

  1. Make turns at regular intervals

this is Gobi
---------- this is Gobis vision
Its tunneled.

  1. Put as many cliffs between you and the hunters. You know, those giant, orange, insermountable “blobs” on the map.
    Gobi cannot fly past there
  2. The moment the outline wears off, do a 180, Crow will most likely try to throw where he thinks you’re going, so dont go that way.
  3. Don’t care. If a tracker dart is in you they constantly know where you are and so you just run. Why not treat Gobi the same? They know where you are, you know where they are, they touch you, you smash them. Easy peasy squeezy lemons.


dont scare birds is another good one. he has to know your general location before he is capable of finding you


Yeah, Gobi’s detection is LOS. Go around a corner, get under a cave etc…


yeah, all i can really say is dont run in a straight line, sneaking does help too.

Also, if you kill Shin, Gobi disappears for some reason.


Gobi is irritating, but I’ve found a couple ways to deal with him. Most of it was said earlier - don’t move in straight lines, always keep in motion, don’t set off birds, etc. But my personal trick is,

Once Gobi finds you set off the nearest group of scare-birds, and then bail out in the opposite direction. Most of he time hunters assume you’re panicking and running to put distance between you, and Crow will throw to that direction.

Hope it helps.


oh no this, this isnt a problem, i often see crow players constantly throwing gobi leading people in one direction, then imediatly turning to another :smiley: it makes me laugh how i can kite the team and use gobi to my advantage as the monster :smile:


Find a river or stream.
Make your footprints look like they are going downstream.
Keep going in your regular direction.
Gets 'em every time!


I don’t have problems with crow anymore, these tips are good.


This could be extremely effective with Wraith’s abduct ability