The gmt wait for stream 😞


@MacMan any Chance you could throw me a private message with details of stream I cant watch today the wait is huge like 4pn
I know the answers no
Come onnnnnnn
Come oonnnnnnn
Do it
Throw a dog a bone lol


If you miss the stream you can always find it in β€œPast Broadcasts” on their Twitch channel. In any case, I’m sure you can find all the details here shortly after the stream.


Lol I did not realise that I use it mostly through the Xbox :video_game:
This is good news the baby is due a feed at same tine as stream lol cheers


Priorities. The baby won’t die.


Lmao love it


Or if I watch the stream I could come back and give you all the information I’ve gotten? Sound nice? I think it does, but shoot me a PM because I may forget lol