The Giant Illuminati Thread

This is to help compile the mass amounts of Illuminati threads into one large area. Just because this is marked as off topic doesn’t mean you can run with it though. If you have legit issues with discussing the Illuminati please post them here and refrain from creating more threads about the same topic. Thanks.


The illuminati controls EA.
EA is a games company.
You know what else is a game company? Valve
Valve cant put a three in their titles, YOU KNOW WHY?! The illuminati Is a triangle
triangle=3 points
@Quirkly is in the illuminati
Quirkly knows the new monster
is the illuminati hiding secrets from us? Yes. Is illuminati evil? Yes. Is Bill Clinton the head of the illuminati? yes


Necro is lying to you wake up sheeple and join the illuminati to stop these unforgivable lies.
@Quirkly can I get premoted now?

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Yup. Completely agree.

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No, you will not. :wink: Do you know what its name will be? Hehehe…

Leader+Moderator = Illuminati

Cult by invitation only…

Difficulty to get in > than some retail jobs…

They are always watching… waiting… and controlling the forums from behind the scenes…

Those posts you wrote… weren’t your own thoughts… they were merely the thoughts of the illuminati… which allowed you to post it in public because they feel your statements align with their own goals…

I eagerly await my invitation, but my mailbox always remains empy… but I keep watching it… in hopes their their watching me watching for my invitation will somehow creat an iota of mercy that will urge someone to remember my name when the initiation ceremony begins…

Your humble and dedicated servant,


…We’ve been compromised.

Am I in the illuminati?, cause you know pyramids, triangles Pharaoh’s all that jazz.

Am I confirmed or nah?

@Pharoah = illumni cunf1rm!!!

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plays x files music

Aye, There is something off about these promotions…

Did the illuminati create monsters to convert shear to a secret base for them? Yes!
and I have proof. There are four known monsters Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth. Together their names have 27 letters. There are 16 hunters. 27+16= brings use a sight called licor 43 a Spanish liquor. Liquor rhymes with zwicker a rare surname. Gold is also rare. Gold is a metal. There are about 91 of 118 elements are metals. 118+91=209 2+0+9=11. Not counting joysticks of d pads x box one remotes have 10 buttons. 11-10=1. what else has one in it you ask? That is right 472947593010486843. It does not show us in web results when searched. Does the illuminati want to hide this from us? Let’s find out. The first four numbers of that number are 4729, a part of Paris ave. in powder springs, Ga. The zip code of the area is 30127. Whoa! The number 1 is in the long one that had 4729. So what does this mean you ask? Powder springs Ga has 14 letters 14/2=7 the first number of out giant number is 4. 7-4=3 triangles have three sides. So do the illuminati. Well this means the Illuminati is using powder springs Ga to somehow communicate with the monsters and control them. Wake up people! We need to treat the sickness not the Symptoms.
Calling @Quirkly for reasons…

@quirkly there on to us

how did you know our plans