The Gentlemen's League(PC): Stage 3 vs DTR Friday night (10PM PDT) @ Stealthshampoo's Twitch


I’m super excited to announce The Gentlemen’s League will be starting this week!

Opening Match: Thursday, May 28 @ 4PM PST on the TRS Stream - Stage 3 vs Eyes on U

Head over to to check out rules, news, scheduling and any updates to the league.

The Gentlemen’s League was created to give competitive teams an environment to play where the spirit of competitive Evolve could truly shine without any hassles.

For Season One we’re starting small but we’ve got an awesome roster of teams:

Penta Sports
Ninja Penguins
Eyes on U
Evolve HYPE
Stage 3
TRS Quality Assurance team: Kill Brill
Defend the Relay

Matches are already scheduled for this week and you can follow us on twitter @EvolveTGL for updates and news. Our first match is scheduled Thursday May 28th @ 4pm PST, we’ll be kicking off with Stage 3 vs Eyes on U.

The season consists of 7 weeks of matches, culminating with a tournament at the end to crown a champion of the league.

Casters for TGL are: Black_Aegis, Jamesbot and Tatl Tael

We’re also currently looking for a west coast caster! So Hit me up on twitter @EvolveTGL if you’re interested!

Special Thanks to Maniacsquirrel and Guidance for working with me to get the League ready and a thank you to all the casters and teams participating.

As a final note: I want to continue to grow the community of Evolve. So for every 500 followers on twitter or twitch I’ll be giving a copy of Evolve or Hunting Season’s Pass if you’ve already got the game for PC. So hit that follow button and enter for your chance to win!

Twitter: @EvolveTGL

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New rulings for Evolve (TGL)

Saw the title, immediately thought of m’lady.

tips fedora

In all seriousness, good luck with this league. Sounds cool.


Much excite!


I correct your statement, sir.
I do hope I do not need to remind thou that this is a gentlemen’s league.


Very excited to face the other teams in TGL! :smiley:


Too bad I can’t compete
2 reasons

  1. No team
  2. Not gentleman


Where there is a will…

As it is by invite only anyways there’s enough time to form a team and sort out… the other issues until the next season starts to maybe get in :stuck_out_tongue:


Mm, question is where the heck do I start…
Everyone I come across who wants to make a team or is fun to be around lives in the US and AU, where as I am in EU. xD


Our monster is from texas while we are all from EU.
(Ninja penguins)


Oh o.o
Are timezones an issue then or? :S


Not really. work can sometimes be a hinderance on saturdays for the Monthly finals. but i’ve only seen it once. so cant say for sure.

and you can always practice with other monsters or a sub while someone isn’t around.


I might… soonish… am way too lazy to organize things like this in a reasonable time. And I’m pretty sure we would still need an Assault. But granted, I at least am not much fun to be around in voice chats if you don’t find silence incredibly ‘fun’ for some weird reason. I suppose that’s why I’m mainly a Monsterplayer :no_mouth:

Would be nothing too try-hard and mostly trying to work out some different stuff instead of going with the meta all the time. Which is for the esl at least a suboptimal mindset I guess.

Gonna have to wait and see if the teams in TGL are actually trying to pull out some interesting stuff with oddball setups and if it’s worth it trying to get in for the next season. I sure hope so.


Assault you say…
…Would you care for a Hyde player…?


Unrelated, do we have a team search thread?

Looking forward to the videos you guys produce.



Yep no team here, but I’d love a go at some high level teams as the monster just to test out my ability :stuck_out_tongue: I also can’t play weekends v.v Free days are only M-Thursday

Question about this. Apparently there are certain spots some of the community consider exploits. I only caught a peak during some games about a week ago and one of the spots was some ridiculously tall pillar. The hunters being focused would fly to the top and wait for the Goliath to chase them. The support and/or healer would sit here regularly. Now fighting here is optional if the monster would just focus on destroying the relay it seems, but that part aside, would the hunters utilizing this part of the map be considered an exploit?

I personally don’t care since its the monster’s choice to play into their hands, but Just wondering how that factors in to the ‘no exploiting’ since some people seemed to get really peeved at it being done.


There are a few teams singed up in this thread if you’d like to play a premade sometimes:

As for those cheesy spots Hunters where Hunters have a unintended advantage, I’d suspect it not getting used as we currently see in the esl on a constant basis. They are supposed to be patched out soonish anyways.
I’m going out on a limb here, but I think the Gentlemans League is more about competing and trying out things on a professional level while being as sportsmanlike and respectful as possible. The esl is usually based on a slightly different mindset. One of the reasons TGL is by invite only, which I as a interested viewer am glad for to be honest.


I think your intentions are pure, but this sounds simultaneously elitist and sexist.

It should be open to all, with clear rules for suspensions for unsporting conduct. You have the latter so invitation only seems unnecessary.

A less brotastic name would be an improvement. You’re kind of breaking your own sentiment about avoiding “dickishness” by naming it such. It isn’t sporting to have a name that makes some players feel unwelcome. TRS did an admirable job with diversity in hunter characters; it’s a shame not to follow their lead.


You’re free to run your own tournament.


Factually correct, but irrelevant.

I was under the impression TGL is trying to build a more sporting community. If that’s true, avoiding elitism and sexism seem consistent with that.

That’s my feedback, take it or leave it. No need to reply, Crumplecorn, I read you loud and clear that you left it.