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Monster & Hunters,

please join this topic to exonerate the DGL and Esport topic.

If you have something directly connected with the…:

For every general Tournament Stuff , such as rules, Team Size, Tiebreaker etc, feel free to post it in here!

The current ideas you will get through all topics are:

  • Team of 5, to give everyone chance to play ONE role perfectly and practise in own team (like sc2 players does)

  • bo3 and bo5, tiebreaker not clear, Winning time? Stage 3 time? Coin Flip? Bans? etc.

  • What about evakuation as a possible mode?

start throwing! Evolve PC Beta Tournament Evolve PC Beta Tournament

I strongly urge everyone to look through Netrunner’s tournament rules. It’s also an asymmetrical game (A great one that I really enjoy btw) that has lots of tournaments and chmapionships. The PDF for it is located here:
You can skip all the info about draws due to time, card and deck setup etc… The main things to focus are how the do the scoring and matchmaking. I think it would work very well for Evolve as well.


Games have two phases. The Swiss Pairing and then the Double Elimination bracket. Everyone is randomly seated against an opponent. Both sides will have a chance to play each side. This is called a ‘match’. For Evolve this means one side will be the Hunters the other the Monster. After that game is resolved, they then swap sides and play again. The winner gets 2 points.

After everyone is finished with their first match, the go through swiss pairings. This means that the Highest rated seed/score will face the next highest seed/score and so on and so forth. No two teams will face off eachother again during this phase. So if the two best teams are tied and already played earlier, they go down the list to the next highest score/seed. Ties are broken by Strength of Schedule. If ties are still there, randomization takes effect.

This is done until enough games are played to secure a cutoff, usually 16 or 8 teams depending on the amount of entrees. From here you go to a Double Elim. bracket (There is a picture on it on the last page of the pdf)

(I’ll add more of this after work as I’m kind of busy, but I’ll try and summerize the rules up a bit)


i dont get it immediatly (may caused by too much english :smiley: ) but i´ll try to get in.

May @GiantChiprel will join here as well.

So, summing up what we talked about team size.
i think there are much points to get out a 5 man- team, even if you consider other pro games, such as LoL or Sc2 … i dont really see points why we HAVE TO get 4 man teams


So… considering the “team sense”.

Iam in a team already, consisting of 10 guys ( so 2 Teams :smiley: ). And my 5 men team is really feeling like a team… i could give them tips from the monster side of view, we could / will practice the shit out of this game, and while matches will be played we can also act as a team, by giving tips, looking each others match etc.

So , sorry for using the word “meta” but most posts i read the esport and dgl topics are in favour of a 5 man team :smiley:

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What post? O_o


4 and 5 man teams can work in concert it would just get complicated, to a point and certain match ups would take longer then others because of the required extra time to wait on the avalible monster player.


I made a post and it was deleted which pointed out the bias in his first post trying to favour the way he wants the meta to swing.

Honestly not sure why it was deleted, it was sour but not offensive and had meat.

Regardless, for the aforementioned reason I’m not sure why I’d switch to this topic.


I say let it be the teams choice. especially when prizes come about later. they get less reward. 4 team members with a sub - dedicated monster player to practice agaisnt. then that sub subs for the chosen monster player to practice against his team. it should be the teams choice.

we are adding another level of depth for strategies by allowing teams to choose a monster for that round. Player A has a killer in your face kraken style. but having a player B with a sneaky kraken that attacks by suprise will mean teams will have to prepare for both types of strats. DEPTH IS GOOD FOR COMPITITIONS.

Also the enemy will know the name of the monster play so they can adjust accordingly. dont want to be blindsided.


Which post and who deleted?


A post on here, I think I’m just going to go post on the DLG forums/thread to avoid some frustration xD


Although dgl will be testing all king of things, i would like to only have 1 format for the pro esport scene. Maybe have funday monday where its evac or w/e but to not dilute or confuse fans we need to agree on a single format.

Since dgl will be testing both 4v4 and 5v5, we should instead on what do you consider the best when it come to sport and esport
For example in tennis there is a leaderboard for single and double, two very different play style
Another example is football. Between offence and defense, they switch line up

In volleyball, its very different. Players rotate rolls when they win the serve so all members need to be able to adjust to different roles
In soccer, they pick their best kickers for the shoot out same with hockey.

So now i ask the community what would you consider the best when it comes to evolve.


Definitely the teams best trapper as the trapper and so on.
Except the monster, that all four players have to play as.


I don’t think all 4 players need to play as the monster, but out of the 4 there should be at least one who is good at it lol

In general I’d expect trapper-monster to go hand in hand, but it’s obviously up to the team to decide. Anyone who thinks they can be the top monster without playing hunters is dreaming, and same for trapper ;D


By having all 4 hunters play the monster allow the team to play different monster against different team to counter them best

And i believe u can be the a great at monster without playing hunter.
As long as you have a thorough knowledge and understanding it will be possible.
How will you acquire such things, by playing tons and tons of games, asking friends of certain mechanics, and watching them play from their perspectives.


In general a monster never HAS to play hunter. For general low level competitive play, same thing, though it helps.
If we’re talking, professional, and/or best in the world, you’ll be guaranteed that not only has the monster played each hunter and knows their abilities… but even the exact timings and mechanics for each.
Yes, you can read about them, but experiencing something hands on will make you much more of a master at countering it ;D


Below is my idea of a Evolve Tournament that best compliments the 4v1 concept we all love. I copied it from a previous thread.

NOTE* The numbers are all suggestions. The number of teams/hunters can vary and the number of matches are not set in stone.

How would you go about building a Evolve tournament? in most games it is a simple elimination tournament with brackets. you win you move on. you lose and you’re done (or at least you are put in a losing team bracket). In Evolve however, the team isn’t facing another team but one monster. the tournament bracket of tradition would get messy.

Team A vs Monster A
Team B vs Monster B
Monster A vs Monster B

As you can see, that would quickly break the tournament. you would also run into the issue of the hunters winning more often than the monsters (or vis versa) so you can’t simply reshuffle the winners and keep on going.

My idea for a tournament is as follows;

16 teams of hunters and 16 monsters. Each team of hunters plays against every monster once.

The top 8 hunters and monsters who win the most in the previous bracket move on to the quarter finals.

Like the previous round, each hunter faces each monster. This time they play a best of three. Each match in another map.

The top 4 hunters and monsters in the quarter finals move on to the semi finals.

In the semi finals play the same as the quarter finals

The finals are a best of seven matches with the top monster and top hunter. The monster and the hunters choose three maps each. If it reaches a seventh match the map is chosen by the host.

another idea is to replace the first round with 4 groups of 4 monsters and hunters. Do a round robin and the top hunter/monster moves on the the quarter finals (or the top two if you want a longer tournament)
sorta like FIFA.

All the marketing and interest in this game has revolved around the 4 vs 1 gameplay aspect. Forcing a monster to join a team of hunters does a disservice to the concept.


Was contacted from The_DLG on my twitch while streaming today. I want to be in the beta tournament, how do I go about getting involved?


Firstly, I haven’t played the game and nor do I regularly compete in tournaments. However, from what I saw on a feed today could you not just do a round robin to begin with, with the completion time being the overriding factor. Winners would then be placed on their respective leaderboards. You could then use those stats, Wins/Loses, for future tournaments to allow for seeding.

Is my suggestion too simple?