The general thread of discussing playerbase numbers


How many people are left playing at PC ??

I just tried to play an Evacuation.

I have monster as my last option. = i dont want to play it for the moment. i rather play the new assault i just bought.

So, i enter pvp Evacuation.
And i have to join as monster… ??? fine, i join, and i let the monster die. And then i leave the match,
since i cant leave once iam inside or i get penalty…

So, monster dies, and iam back to meny system.
I try a new pvp evacuation…

And, what do i have to join as ?? MONSTER… AGAIN !!!
Oh ye… it was the same people i just left…???

So. how many are still playing on PC ? just me and 4 more ??

Does it surprise anyone that this game is bleeding its player base?

You tend to get put into the first lobby it can find, just happened to be the same one. Also, its evac, no one really plays evac because the gamemodes aren’t great, Skirmish is much more lively. And getting monster both times, as I said, first lobby it can find, just go through it then it’ll try to get you your preference


There you go mate.

According to this chart we lost another 670 people during last 30 days.
So now abou 2000 people are on pc on all regions ( US-EU-Australia or what the regions are)

So in my opinion 1000 people play in US
600 in EU and 400 in Australia. But thats my opinion I might be wrong


there are ppl playing evac?


Probably more eu than America honestly, the eu community is generally larger than America


I don’t have much trouble finding evac’s actually. Has to be atleast 6pm mountain time though and the levels are rarely pure 40.


I would strongly recommend you get the game for one of the consoles. This game will die (if it isn’t already considered dead) on the PC. Same happened for L4D (as to why it was given away for FREE). This game will be around for a VERY long time on the consoles, but it’s lifespan on the PC will fall short, unfortunately.



if u wanna have players go to console

if u wanna actual enjoy the game stay on pc ^^


Sometimes I wonder this too. It takes so long to find Evac match only to get 5th role.

Or even at hunt there is funny situations: found only 2 players, still placed as 5th lol


Evolve is too niché. Nosgoth has surpassed Evolve’s playernumbers currently, but they also bring out content after content and it’s a free to play game. Imo 2K/TRS need to get into the program.

I would love to know how many players the consoles have combined.


For PC evolve to live its servers need to merge with console


Evac, no… I play PC, and I refuse to play Evac. Might be why you aren’t finding people.


I got to lvl 40 without playing evac.


I’m on PC!! Please don’t kill PC gaming!


Tell that to TRS, not the players, lol. A vast amount of bugs and imbalances is making sure no new players are getting on board. There’s too much bad mouthing going on to encourage new players to join in - Have I mentioned that you need to spend a fortune to get all of the current content?


I am of the opinion that there is some core gameplay issue that is present in Evolve that is making players lose interest. I know of many people that were quite hyped up for Evolve before release (who wouldn’t be hyped by a game advertising a menacing monster vs 4 hunters?). They tried the alpha/beta for abit, and decided the game wasn’t for them. Those that I manage to convince to purchase simply stopped playing after 2 weeks (!!).

I feel that the problem may be with the ‘hunting’ part of the game, which loses new players’ interest a lot. Some may find that it is part of the game, and it is fun, but these are definitely the minority (us). Thus, this game just end up targeting niche groups. Of course, 2k’s bad marketing does contribute to the low player base, but I don’t think it is the only straw.

Me too!!

New Player 1st Impressions and Feedback

Might even be a huge part due to Evolves hardware requirements that the pc numbers dropped that quickly.
Add to that the constant pubstomping without a ranked mode, which will get frustrating real quick for Hunters and you got yourself a steadily declining playerbase. Problem here is the lack of influx of new players on PC due to those hypoctitical social media reviewers that sadly tend to guide the majority of pc game sales these days.

The most successful games, be it f2p or not mostly got that big in player numbers because they were more accessible even for low end rigs. I for one had to buy a new graphics card just for evolve, which makes it probably the most expensive game I’ve ever bought on PC. For me though it’s still worth all the expense.

But I gotta say I tend to see the same people over and over the past few weeks in the matchmaker on PC. As I don’t have a PS4 nor the funds to switch to one just for evolve right now, it is somewhat disheartening to see that steady decline in the playerbase on PC. The events surely helped a bit getting them up there to ~3k at weekends, but it still seems to be steadily declining for the moment.

Are there charts/game statistics for playernumbers for PS4 or XBOX like there are in steam by the way?


GTA V train ripped poor Evolve !

I have 26 friends that i made from Evolve. Its like 2-3 of em are playing Evolve. Rest are in GTA V (that includes me too)

Players will be back … If @Macman and devs could bring new modes , some class leveling (RPG like system). Game is too repetitive :frowning:


Well soon we will have new maps which were 1 month exclusive to XBONE, because 2K apparently needs money. My (conspiracy)theory is they knew that the playerbase is declining on both PS and PC, so they held back the maps for a later playermagnet on these platforms and on the same side could strengthen the game on XBONE, where the bulk of the playerbase is i presume, and also get money for it. Win/win for 2k and Microsoft, but not for the PS and PC crowd.

Also it would be a pity if Evolve loses the competetive edge, because they have to cater to the casual crowd, just to stay above water. It’s like Evolve is driving itself into it’s niché like a screw.

Bottom line is really, less worrying, more playing, Evolve is here right now and i can be sure that it will be kept alive at least until all DLC is released, regardless of the playernumbers, because that’s what TRS were contracted for. If the game is dead after all that and no one is purchasing the DLC, only then we have to worry about what happens to Evolve.

To GTA5, well the two games are vastly different, but GTA is by far less stressful than Evolve, because it’s a casual game at heart. Evolve is a competetive game which requires effort and time, and at the peak a good team which works well together and trains regularely. When you compare the peak to the bottom, which is random solo matchmaking, i can understand how Evolve is not everyone’s coffee. I like the game so much, that i just cope with all it’s annoyances, but it appears many people do not wanna put up with all the negatives and the effort to fully enjoy the game.

Evolve Dying a slow Death on PC

Game is ded.

On PC anyway. Peak is dropping to around 1500 players, and now I’m spending more time looking for games than actually playing.
The game’s population has continued to drop through balance patches and content updates with no sign of recovery.
The cause is simple, it’s £40 price tag puts it in direct competition with giants like GTAV, that offer significantly more content for your cash.
No amount of updates, free maps or weekend events is going to save a game in such dire straits.
In my opinion a steam sale is the only thing that could give the playerbase a much needed boost at this point.