The Gameplay video 24.04.2014


So today, the gameplay video should come out today.
But when can we expect it to come out?

EU Time zone?
USA Time zone ?


(Watch in full-screen w/ Annotations turned ON for full functionality)


In France is 13h47 and have no video

#3 let’s have fun


One thing I’m a little dubious of, is why did Griffin get thrown FORWARDS by the boulder


where in the video cause they all was flying from goliath’s punch attack, leap attack etc.


First confrontation


Slightly off topic, but for the inner monster nerd in me, will we PLEASE be able to make goliath roar at will?


So the thing i liked most was when the goliath chould feed from griffin when he was incapacitated, he was lucky that his teamates was around to help him or otherwise he chould be eaten alive :stuck_out_tongue:

and i liked when griffin got punched in the water with the tyrant and he came out of the water and start fireing at the monster and suddently the Tyrant killed Griffin.

and some tree’s can be destroyed.

btw i spotted a bug in the game: at 40:10 - 40:16 you see the medic’s scope not appearing as it should.


I get how you levelled out the entire team having jetpacks now, everyones works a little differently


yeah to make the hunters think that he has evolved into next stage


Uh, what? That made no sense.


can you give exectly where in the video like 34:34?
just to lazy to find it :stuck_out_tongue:


The gameplay was awesome, but notably the audio was incredible. The way the music changes depending on the situation is so well done


when the monster evolve he will make a loud roar, so if the monster can roar when it wants, he can fool them to think he has evolved lol.


It is a bug. We are on it :wink:


There’s a message on screen to say if they evolved


I assumed it was because the boulder landed behind Griffin


Same here.


Would I be correct in assuming the Goliath lost this match? Watching the final part, it seemed the assault guy had placed a lot of mines in the corner and he hadn’t taken much damage in the last part of the match. I think the goliath landed on those mines and died. Markov could’ve shielded up to avoid that last hit


If Markov’s personal shield was indeed on cooldown and he timed it right, he could very well have won that match, you’re right ;).

But, I cannot confirm or deny that was the outcome in this particular game! :smiley: