The game so far



First of all, thank you Turtle Rock for a great game.

But there are some few things, that i been noticing about The “New” evolve that i like to go through.

I’ve been playing this game before it got patched, and after. But im still missing something from your side, and i hope you’ll fix or think about it at least.



This is a annoying factor that you CANT escape a pounce, i know if you shoot you can escape, but there should be at least some kind of struggle, or something else that makes it so you can escape.


  • The supernova ability is too strong, it’s attack speed is too fast and damage too high even in level 1

  • Warp blast have too long range, and the explosion damage is too high. The explosion radius is also a little bit too much.

  • Decoy, the time of the decoy is too long and there’s is no way to killing it.
    There should be at least a health bar, so you actually can kill the Decoy before it even hits you.


  • Spider trap damage should be nerfed alot, in level 1 i takes from 1/3 of your health to 1/2 and that i just simply to much in my opinion.

When the gorgon focus a target, there’s not even a chance for the healer to help, before you are downed.

  • Web snares ability has a too wide range attack, and the cooldown should go from 8 to 14 seconds(for example), because you get snared alot of times where’s it’s almost impossible to run because of all the debuffs you get.

  • Mimics health should be nerfed, and it should not detonade if you kill it.

  • Acid spit should definitely get a nerf, the range of the spit and the damage is simply too overpowered.

The way goron can jump around should be nerfed, he can get too far away in such a shot time. there should also a way to at least shoot him down or something.




  • Cairas Acceleration field should have a slight buff because it should be so you can catch or caught up if it’s running away.
    But i almost don’t feel a change when i put it on.

  • Healing grenades is too low when trying to self heal.

Reload time should be buffed slightly aswell.

Rogue val:

  • Sniper rifle shot on Rogue Val is just meh, 65 damage per shot is not enough at all.

  • Poison dart’s should have some kind of debuff on the monster, when you shoot it.

There is alot more i will like to talk about in the future, but this is all i got on my mind for now.

As a guy that loves the game i will say it’s a 35% chance of winning as a Hunter, and before the update it was almost 0% so great job on that part.

So for now, i’ll just enjoy the game, and come back with some more feedback.


The devs have previously said that they don’t really like the way sneak pounce works but didn’t have the time to address it for this patch, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an update in the future that changes just what pouncing means in combat.


Well that’s a relief for sure, because it’s never belonged to the game i feel like.


Supernova has a tiny radius now, if you’re having trouble with it try getting out of the arena as fast as possible.

Warp blast is the Wraith’s main nuke, it’s supposed to be tricky but not impossible to dodge if you have enough jetpack.

You CAN kill the decoy, it has a health bar.

Spider trap is supposed to be a punish ability, if you don’t watch for it or hear the ear-splitting scream and get hit by it it’s designed to wreck you. Fly up even a little and it can’t get you.


Well even though the wraith has a “smaller” radius it can still keep warping and catch up to you, so again even if you have full jetpack there’s no way for you too escape.

Well you can’t really see the health bar on the decoy and if it have, the health should be nerfed because it takes too long time to get rid of it.’

But it’s not just a punish, it’s almost a winning ability.


I meant the supernova arena is tiny, a jetpack dodge or two and you’re basically out of the area now and the wraith goes back to normal.


Yeeea i know.


(ah ha ha… funny thread… ^^)

Medics are not supposed to be damage dealers.

RVal has poison darts, Val has debuff darts. I think it’s normal one has only damages when the other has the debuff.

If you can’t kill the Mimic soon enough, blame your assault !
Mimic won’t explode if you kill it quickly, or if you actually damaged the Gorgon enough.