The game really needs a gamechanger


Not new Hunters, not bugfixes, as unnecessary as they are, but a real big overhaul of how it’s played. For example let the Monster see the world different from the Hunters, perhaps giving everything a white outline, like in borderlands, and hunters a class colored one. Or tweaked shadows for the Monster. And have the camera a bit further away, really just a bit. It needs be able to judge where the Hunters can see it, so it can’t be completely different, but it should encourage a more tactical attitude than full immersion, I think. More like a fighting/stealth game - and right now its all about focusing on the stupid colored nameplates.

The biggest opportunity for improvement however lies in the actual hunt, the fight is brainy and all fine, at least from the Hunters point of view. But the hunting part is way to simplistic. It’s either leave glowing tracks behind you or be much slower. And hiding isn’t often feasible with the hunters seeing exactly where the prints stop. It only becomes more complex if there is water. Than the Hunters must use judgment on where the Monster likely left the river. Sure, the Monster has its personal skillchallanges with the birds, but there could be a lot more complexity in the clues the Monster leaves and the hunters pick up on. It might be that some terrain leaves tracks, another has more destructibles which makes it only recognizable the first time the Monster runs trough and running on the top of some stone cliff has nothing but exposes the Monster to simply being seen. The monster would weight between many directions with their own drawbacks and the hunters would have a hard time deducing where it went by elimination in the sense of “if it went there we would know it by …”.

Personally I’ve been whining about the mastery system in one way or another in about every single post because being forced to look out for specific opportunities to level up ruined the flow of the game for me, but rumor has it that a new ranked mode will ignore the masteries so I’ll be back as soon as that comes out. But for the game to really live up to the potential that even the reviewers bashing it have noticed, it needs a major overhaul - and than a free weekend.


I don’t think so and I’d hardly call 8/10 bashing. And about the outlines have you ever used the smell ability?


Game is mighty fine the way it is. Some bugfixes, less ladder shenanigans, tournaments with no fauna cuts, proper skins instead of recolors and they’re golden.

Edit: I’d also love to have a “lore” tab ingame, where you can read stuff about the monster and specific hunters, including Matthew’s awesome stories here. This NEEDS to be in the game!!!


I think our bro here means the generAl reaction on youtube and the such… but last time I checked meta critic there were a majority of positive reviews from the professionals… And personally I trust them any day over some washed up hack hater on youtube…

I think the game will need some fresh air after the coming tier of hunter/monster but I don’t think that those are interesting changes in the formula… I don’t want aesthetic changes I want palpable ones… give me new movement types for Hunter (ie. Grappling hook, teleportation)… crazy new characters… New class character skills that test my abilities in that class.

I do agree that there could be more clues on the hunt though


I didn’t mean to say that all reviewers were bashing, rather that even those of the reviewers that did bash it, …


There are some average scores on meta critic from the professionals and hell steam only gave it a six but they don’t have a very transparent reviewing probably process (I mean Damn can I at least get about article stating why my fave game of the year is so bad)… besides that I don’t think there were any “bad” professional reviews … there was some bashing though… And that really justcomes with the release of any product to the public