The Game of Thrones Newbie (Spoiler Level: S6:E1 and beyond)


I just watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Yes, I am late to the party but I hope to catch up over the summer. The only thing I knew about Game of Thrones before watching was 1: it was a board game I never played, and 2: @GentlemanSquirl often said Evolve was a Game of Throes, haha. It is when I play against a Lazarus! Anyway, here are my initial thoughts on the first episode.

Wow, everyone has an exotic name and I can’t keep them all straight…the cast of characters is large and we’re dealing with multiple kingdoms and bloodlines. The “White Walkers” instantly made me realize this was going to be a fantasy-laden show and not just a period-piece. These killing ghost forces will hopefully be described later because the bodies, arranged in the shape of a circle with a line through it, suddenly disappearing without blood in the snow was admittedly really strange, especially since most if not all of them were hacked in half. This symbol will appear again somewhere I’m sure. Creepy blue eyes, and moving like demons or something.

So the night watch only has 3 mounted riders and the one that lives from the white walkers is then slain because of deserting? Why didn’t he just go back to his people and say hey, I’m the last one left, need reinforcements! Nope, gonna lose my head instead. I didn’t really see that coming even though they warned him of it, because when he got surrounded by the guards bringing him back he didn’t seem that upset…even when he got his head chopped off.

If Ms. Stark didn’t want her son climbing the wall, why did they build it like a super fun rock-wall? So there are 5 official Starks, which I only understood when the dire wolf was found with 5 puppies. Then there was the white puppy…turns out the one guy was a bastard child but still of the Stark bloodline so he got a puppy too. Speaking of that, how horrible would it be to only be seen as this horrible thing because of something you couldn’t help yourself? I mean to even be looked down upon by Tyrion is saying something. I kinda want to know Tyrion’s story and how he lives his life other than fooling around with women. I hope he turns out to be somebody awesome and not just a playboy.

I am reminded of the disparity of women. Daenerys. I guess my whole focus of this episode fell on her. Her brother was especially creepy and I know somebody like him in real life who literally pimped out his sister for real and was only out for himself at all costs…and because of this I really don’t like this guy. If he showed up on my land I’d grab my gun, much the same as I would the guy he reminds me off. But I digress…so his sister is like his property and he doesn’t mind telling her to her face that he could care less how many guys use her as their sex toy as long as he can get his army and win back his crown which somehow was taken from him. He and the land they live in is very aristocratic and clean…and he was handing his sister over to ruffians, to marry this dude that doesn’t even speak their language.

I was honestly expecting a good plot twist here. Drogo was it? I expected that he would actually be better than Dae’s brother deep down. I didn’t think he would actually have sex/rape (kinda one and the same here) with her. Why? I don’t know. Something was telling me that he wouldn’t take her unless she willingly gave it up for him but I was wrong. I thought Drogo was better than that, and I was upset that I was wrong. He presented her with this awesome horse and I felt that he knew the position Dae was in and wouldn’t try to force her…nope, I was wrong. Shame on you Drogo, but I hope you turn it around. I see Drogo as being in charge of a group of barbaric misfits but could turn out to be honorable in the end. I have hope still!

Dae…she is bound to unleash brutal justice, I can feel it. She has a very “carrie” vibe going on about her and there’s going to be only so much she can take from being used. She has 3 dragon eggs which you know will hatch…and this is totally going to be a thing in her rise to power. I can’t wait until she gets revenge on her brother…but I hope it’s something befitting like maybe she hands him over to somebody in exchange for…something, I don’t know.

There were two characters at the end of the show that were having sex and get caught by the young Stark kid, and the guy pushes him out the tower window. Were these two brother and sister? Unsure on that since my brain goes…“whaaaat, no way” instantly. The kid is obviously going to survive but I wonder, does the dire wolf puppy save him somehow or break his fall or…I don’t know.

I felt the first episode was long, and I really had to pay attention because I don’t know who everyone is and who they are all related to, nor what their personal goals are. On a personal note I don’t care for the nudity. It’s not that I’m prudish but it seems to me that lately most of the series I’ve been watching have really put it all out there as much as they can (Orange is the New Black I’m looking at you, and you too House of Cards, though to a lesser extent). Now I don’t know if it was due to the scenes with Dae or not, but I felt uncomfortable watching with my husband. I often think in my own head that men do still see women that way, and their bodies as resorts for their own fun despite how the women feel. Even though that’s most likely not true, I can’t help but still have that feeling in reserve and with the uptick in female nudity and sex being used for business or power intrigue…I am growing a little tired of it, I admit. In House of Cards though, Frank Underwood said:

And that is true both in House of Cards and Game of Thrones right now. Sad thing is I know I am going to see the women characters resort to only using their bodies to get what they want. Which reminds me, that little girl, I think she is a Stark, that shot the arrow and hit the mark dead-on…I really want to see what comes of her. Clearly she is the tomboy of the lot and will never be appreciated for her skills because she is a girl…any boy will be greater than she will ever be, even if her brother can’t shoot an arrow.

Another thought…man it must suck to have to wash all these costumes! The medieval days were so dirty!

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Oh, to go back and experience this show for the first time…

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Yes, that was Jaime and Cersi Lannister. Although, I guess she’s a Baratheon since she’s married to King Robert Baratheon. Cheater via incest, yes.


Mountain is the one that told me to make this post :slight_smile: To be honest I am not sure I am into this show yet, but I always give shows at least 3 episodes to hook me.


I think you’re gonna do just fine in the Thrones fanbase.


I’m still trying to do the mental math on this…so they ARE siblings 100%?


I kinda want to see him become a mounted warrior with a huge sword, kicking butt and taking names.


Haha, I reckon that would be a great scene.
Or was it a great scene?

Nah just kidding that never happened in the show.
Am I kidding though?

In all seriousness, definitely stick around.
Going into detail would mean serious spoilers, so I’ll just keep it at this: Some of your concerns/first impressions regarding certain characters and events are quite misplaced.
Though I suppose it’d be a very dull show if first impressions were right.


To be fair, I feel that the first couple seasons have A LOT more nudity overall. Like right now season 6 is almost half way done and we’ve only had a handful of nude shots as far as I remember.

And it is hard to follow because there are so many “cards on the table” in this series; when I read the books I had to buy a notebook to remember all the characters and such. It’s really trimmed down for the series if you can believe it lol

It’s not for everyone that’s for sure.

Yep. They’re the older siblings to Tyrion.
No ones knows they’re incestuous at that point in the books/show besides Bran, who was pushed out the window.

Royalty has a tendency to be incestuous, historically speaking. Same for in Thrones


Okay here we go!

The three Black Brothers at the beginning were on a simple ranging. They were to look for wildlings and if they found them to report back to the rest of the Watch. The younger dude leading them is a young puffed up Knight, the other two were seasoned rangers. After the first two are killed the reasons the last one didn’t go back to the rest is fear. He wanted to get as far south as possible at any cost. Buuuuuuut he got caught. He did tell the people who found him what he saw, but The Others and White Walkers have become myths and legends so no one believes them.

Bastards in GoT (for the most part) get shit on, especially when they are bastards of a high ranking family.

Tyrion is a fan favorite, I think you’ll enjoy is plot line.

The Dany/Drogo scene played out exactly like you thought it would in the books, I have no idea why they show changed that part of it. It felt really unnecessary to me, but whatever. And speaking of nudity, there is a lot of it in the earlier seasons but it tapers off later. Not a ton, but its not so in your face about it. If that kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable…well…be ready to be uncomfortable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and Viserys is a total douche bag. :smiley:

Jamie and Cersei are brother and sister. They are supposed to be identical twins, but you know casting those roles would be…difficult…

Arya is awesome and so well cast.

Here’s a basic rundown of the main houses (so far):

Ned/Eddard - Father, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North
Catelyn - Mother
Robb - Eldest
Jon - Bastard
Sansa - Eldest Daughter
Arya - BA tomboy
Bran - Little Climber
Rickon - youngest of the starks

Lewin - Maester to the Starks

Theon - Kind of a pompous prat for being a ward.

Robert - King of the seven kingdoms, won his throne through war
Cersei (Lannister) - Queen and mother
Joffrey - Douchey eldest
Myrcella - Eldest daughter
Tommen - youngest

Sandor - (burned face) aka The Hound

Tyrion - Brother to Cersei, aka the Imp
Jamie - Brother to Cersei, Lover of Cersei, knows as The King Slayer


True, just want to make sure I know what’s going on. I did not know they were Tyrion’s siblings. Tyrion and Snow…I wonder if they will fight side by side at some point…I think he only kept referring to Snow as a bastard to make him harder. Tyrion obviously is looked down on too and seen as useless like Snow, only because of his birth. They have a lot in common so hopefully they use it.


I shall have to print this! Thank you.

Also, so Drogo in the books actually was the way I thought he would be? Oh man they shouldn’t have changed it for the show! I was getting a great vibe from their entire interaction until he stripped her down and kept going despite her obvious unwillingness. It would be awesome if the least classy of the males turned out to have more class than the aristocrats.

I can’t help my feelings though. It does make me uncomfortable seeing the women used to easily even though its historical and all. I just feel very nervous watching with my husband…but I’d feel that way watching with any male. I was abused when I was younger so many it goes back to those feelings. It just doesn’t sit right with me.


Here’s the excerpt from that part of the book:

Afterward she could not say how far or how long they had ridden, but it was full dark when they stopped at a grassy place beside a small stream. Drogo swung off his horse and lifted her down from hers. She felt as fragile as glass in his hands, her limbs as weak as water. She stood there helpless and trembling in her wedding silks while he secured the horses, and when he turned to look at her, she began to cry. Khal Drogo stared at her tears, his face strangely empty of expression. “No,” he said. He lifted his hand and rubbed away the tears roughly with a callused thumb. “You speak the Common Tongue,” Dany said in wonder. “No,” he said again. Perhaps he had only that word, she thought, but it was one word more than she had known he had, and somehow it made her feel a little better. Drogo touched her hair lightly, sliding the silver-blond strands between his fingers and murmuring softly in Dothraki. Dany did not understand the words, yet there was warmth in the tone, a tenderness she had never expected from this man. He put his finger under her chin and lifted her head, so she was looking up into his eyes. Drogo towered over her as he towered over everyone. Taking her lightly under the arms, he lifted her and seated her on a rounded rock beside the stream. Then he sat on the ground facing her, legs crossed beneath him, their faces finally at a height. “No,” he said. “Is that the only word you know?” she asked him. Drogo did not reply. His long heavy braid was coiled in the dirt beside him. He pulled it over his right shoulder and began to remove the bells from his hair, one by one. After a moment Dany leaned forward to help. When they were done, Drogo gestured. She understood. Slowly, carefully, she began to undo his braid. It took a long time. All the while he sat there silently, watching her. When she was done, he shook his head, and his hair spread out behind him like a river of darkness, oiled and gleaming. She had never seen hair so long, so black, so thick. Then it was his turn. He began to undress her. His fingers were deft and strangely tender. He removed her silks one by one, carefully, while Dany sat unmoving, silent, looking at his eyes. When he bared her small breasts, she could not help herself. She averted her eyes and covered herself with her hands. “No,” Drogo said. He pulled her hands away from her breasts, gently but firmly, then lifted her face again to make her look at him. “No,” he repeated. “No,” she echoed back at him. He stood her up then and pulled her close to remove the last of her silks. The night air was chilly on her bare skin. She shivered, and gooseflesh covered her arms and legs. She was afraid of what would come next, but for a while nothing happened. Khal Drogo sat with his legs crossed, looking at her, drinking in her body with his eyes. After a while he began to touch her. Lightly at first, then harder. She could sense the fierce strength in his hands, but he never hurt her. He held her hand in his own and brushed her fingers, one by one. He ran a hand gently down her leg. He stroked her face, tracing the curve of her ears, running a finger gently around her mouth. He put both hands in her hair and combed it with his fingers. He turned her around, massaged her shoulders, slid a knuckle down the path of her spine. It seemed as if hours passed before his hands finally went to her breasts. He stroked the soft skin underneath until it tingled. He circled her nipples with his thumbs, pinched them between thumb and forefinger, then began to pull at her, very lightly at first, then more insistently, until her nipples stiffened and began to ache. He stopped then, and drew her down onto his lap. Dany was flushed and breathless, her heart fluttering in her chest. He cupped her face in his huge hands and she looked into his eyes. “No?” he said, and she knew it was a question. She took his hand and moved it down to the wetness between her thighs. “Yes,” she whispered as she put his finger inside her.

Martin doesn’t pull punches in his books. Some parts are brutal. I think the show sometimes goes further than needed.


Why can’t they put that on the show!? Nope, crude bend-over. Totally changes the meaning of it all. Well, at least I am glad to see that my original belief in Drogo was sound.


I dunno, it’s little changes like that that bug me. I am admittedly a purist though.

Edit: Dothraki typically use the…horse…position though. It’s not meant to be dominating or demeaning, it’s just part of their culture.


Sorry, I had to…was getting too real in here!


@SledgePainter You have guessed so many stuff that will happen in the future, but I won’t say which, so you’ll have to wait! Daenerys is my favorite though, I think you’ll love her too C:

Edit: And yep, my first reaction for Daenery’s brother was He needs to die

Yeah, although I’m super tired of seeing this one character naked… :red_circle:


Male nudity? Not that anyone wants to see naked males…


Oh yes. There are naked dudes too.


The actress that does Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is actually trying to convince the directors of the show to expose more than man buns lol :stuck_out_tongue: