The game needs to force the monster to fight more


Is relatively very easy for a good monster run and run (goliath, kraken…) and very difficult for a team stop it inside the dome, harpoons break very fast etc.


Very little a monster can do stage one against a solid team unless it’s kraken or behemoth. Particularily hank caira or sunny caira teams, “forcing the monster to fight” is just forcing the monster to lose. Griffin harpoons and maggie poons well placed do the job. One is long enough for a torval barrage and a maggie with timing you can chain them each break for reapplying. Had one hit me with 4 in one spot.


cut them off.

its actual easy to make them stop running


Are you joking? It is so easy for most hunter teams to catch up to a monster at all points in the game if they have even a basic understanding of the map. Play Caira, Sunny, Maggie if you want to catch the monster within 30-45 seconds of dropping.


It already does force the monster to fight…

  1. The timer is in favour of the hunters, not monster

  2. Fighting at stage 3 against a good team with no strikes, at the power relay, can be very tough. Good monsters will always fight at stage 2, some even at stage one depending


If your team can’t comprehend where the monster is headed and communicate to form a cutoff strategy then that’s you and your team’s fault for not doing that and the monster shouldn’t be penalized for your team’s incompetence and/or him outplaying you. Seriously what’s up with all these recent bs threads appearing recently? ugh…


As a hunter main, I don’t see the need to force monsters into more fights.


those evasive moves that player use inside domes are the result of the difficulty for the monster to win the game at stage 1 or even manage to give himself a chance to win


I’d like to see a Trapper who can make the dome smaller if they aren’t in combat. Or perhaps a faster trapper that has a dome smaller than the others, Harder to trap the monster, but no where to run when caught.


Isn’t that the Trapper’s job?


Good monsters I’ve faced will usually get a strike or two on a few hunters before stage 3. So maybe your facing those cowards who run the whole match till stage 3 and then at that point your team loses because everyone went afk waiting to actually engage in combat. Lol


Agreed that it is too easy for Monsters to evade in Domes, but I don’t think they can really be forced to fight with changes.

Rather, I would weaken their running in Domes with these changes:

A. Tie Combat Stamina to damaging the Hunters with a grace period when the Dome starts and ends for the Monster. (No Combat Stamina for getting shot.)

Less stamina if they are evading and not fighting. Possible limitations on some ranged abilities.

B. Give Hunters bonus Jetpack Recharge when they fire on the Monster.

Wouldn’t impact focus rotations much, but it would help Hunters to stay on the Monster’s tail.

C. Make Trapper CC stronger and less frequent.

CC wouldn’t be spammed as much and would need to be used more tactically, but Monsters would not be able to shrug it off quickly like they do now.

These changes would greatly help solve the problem of evading in Domes preventing a proper damage reward for an early Dome, with possible compensatory buffs for the Monster to fight if it was truly necessary.


Not if the Monster doesn’t corner themselves, especially not if they have a grasp of maneuvering to counter pincers.

Monsters solidly control the flow of them game when they play right, almost regardless of what the Hunters do.

This is off topic, though, as the OP is referring to domes.


The Trapper just have to stay on the Chokepoints and the rest of the Team is doing pressure. And if you know the monster’s traversal its easy for the Trapper to get the Dome of. And thats it. Dunno what you want. Monster has it hard enough. If the Monster is the whole game ahead and can do what he wants, the Hunter Team is just bad. And most of the time when Hunters want to win they take Caira&Hank… you can’t fight these comp at Stage 1. Even at Stage 2 the Hank Shields and Caira healing is still enough and its hard to get any Strikes. So why you want to force more fights? Sry bra, cant understand.


It’s the job of you and your team to “force” those fights.


Well lets see, birds sometimes come down and eat my food while I’m feasting revealing my location, probably 6/10 times when I am evolving to stage 2 I get ambushed not to mention we lose all armour when were freshly evolved. Its not like we can win without staying hidden and growing, we would get demolished at stage one!


Maybe at level 10, but you can even take Caira, Sunny, Maggie and Parnell and you can get matched up against a monster who know’s how to hide and you won’t find him then either.


Just because you can dome a monster doesnt mean you should, its better to dome a monster in specific locations, which means flushing a monster and doming him in a good place, if the team isnt coordinated enough in a dome then youll never damage a monster no matter where you dome him.


As a monster player, I’m surprised at how much I like this idea. It would have to be designed properly, like perhaps a T5 trapper with this instead of a normal dome, or have both domes share the same cooldown, so you can’t simply trap the monster in the small dome after you’ve trapped them in the large one. This has potential though.


I got dropped into a game today with everybody but me (I’m level 40) at level 7 or lower. They guy was playing kraken and it put me into assault as Markov and he ran around the dam in a circle afraid to fight us at all. I was the only person to keep any pressure on him and for 16 minutes I ran around shooting him with the AR until he would turn the corner and eat and keep going. The whole game he never staged up. We won when the timer ran out.

I tried to tell him after the game that he needs actually fight back or he wont get anywhere and he left the game lol


Later I’ll upload a video where I go against a pretty good team (I know because I play with them), I use the monster (goliath) in that game and all I need to do is jump from one place to another if I get caught,

Is very easy to win a game for me as a monster if the only thing I do is run.