The game needs better matchmaking or lobby list


matching by level is all well and good, but apparently there’s nobody from my region of my level playing right now. i was just put into a game where my connection to the other players was so bad that my attacks were delayed by five seconds and my animations were all bugged.


I really agree I was shocked when the game was released and the UI was exactly the same as the Technical test. I would have liked to see the ability to kick, lobby listing, ping latency results, spectating, game queuing, profile selection so you can add people to your friends list. You know all the usual things you expect from a heavy multiplayer based game.

Seems like a single player game with MP tacked on at the moment.

Also region based gaming.


Is the region based gaming what has been ruining my online time? Seems like ever since I climbed into the mid twentys I can’t find crap but bot games against good monsters.