The game just isn't fun anymore


Gone are the days of a small skirmishes over the course of a match. Gone are the days where you actually had to track the monster.

Gone are the days where monsters would win without resorting to abusing buffs.

It’s unfortunate but the “competitive” aspect of this game has ruined it personally. Now it’s all or nothing stomps. Either the monster makes it to stage 2 with a buff and wins or he doesn’t and loses. There are two monsters everyone picks, there are one or two hunter teamcomps that everyone picks.

This game is ruled by formula now and FotM. And it’s not interesting after that happens.

Current "meta"

I play the game for premades/custom matches. Makes it quite fun still.


There’s a patch roling out tonight. You might change your mind with those upcoming changes.

It's 23:20 here and I'm almost thinking of pulling an all nighter

Now, I’m really hyped.


Unfortunately the only people I still see play regularly are @SledgePainter and @GentlemanSquirl on my friends list.

Even @Slewey hasn’t been on much.

@Alex_Versnel : I hope it changes my mind, I’ve been here forever and loved the game at first but the current “meta” is not a good one imo.


I play when my friends log on. MM is quite boring of late for me.



the monster wins the fight or he lost the match

damn it



I agree that even I have been finding it frustrating…And yes, either it’s not a challenge at all or you get roflstomped. Haven’t had a close game in a while now.

Hoping the patch helps.


I hear ya. Dropping out of the dropship only to see the footprints go straight to the damage buff, only to find a carcass their makes me wanna quit out of that match. But buffs is one of the many things that is getting looked at this patch. Might not be enough, but its a step in the right direction.


Despite your attempt to be funny, yes.

The game is supposed to be about several “skirmishes”, in general it should never be a wipe for either team in the first dome unless one team has a significant advantage or is much much better.

Yet that’s exactly what is happening.


lol even you?

am I missing something?

How would the monster always know where the damage buff is? are you saying it has enough time to “sweep harvest” all elite wildlife and lick abit at the carcass and see if “hm this tastes like damage buff ill go woth this one” like a spoiled kid and that all before the hunters even arrive in the dropship?

Is this phenomenon of games either being short or unwinnable due to the playerbase that now there are only seasoned players left?


If you want to add me, my user ID is therianthropy. If you ever need someone to fill a spot (preferably assault) in some customs I’m around quite often.


Wildlife buffs are only part of it.

It can be frustrating as monster as well. Seems like every class has a spammable slow and if you are found it’s VERY VERY VERY hard to shake a good hunter team long enough to evolve.


The buff thing? I don’t really mind. I play equal parts Monster and Hunter and what makes it frustrating as a Monster is that some characters, some hunter strategies or tricks…They just aren’t fun. Balanced? Maybe, but fun? No. It is not fun to be in a spore cloud, it is not fun to be mortar rained by Torvald, it is not fun to put up with mininuke, JPB and shielding all at once, or the Val/Sunny/Griffin combo. It isn’t fun. And it never will be.

In fact it’s more frustrating for the Monster players right now, if you ask me…


Exactly, I used wildlife buffs as something that’s obnoxious as hunters but there are lots of aspects of monster play that are not fun either. Which in turns makes us want to abuse wildlife buffs to feel like we have a chance against some hunter comps.

Spammable slows, Sunny jetpack, tracking that lasts forever all results in making it hard to find space to evolve. Recently I had a hunter team say at the end of the match that they shouldn’t have won after doming me with sunny.

Was Goliath, juked away from trapper and used 3 leaps + leap smash. Abe was RIGHT BEHIND ME after Sunny helped him. I wasn’t even close to the edge of the dome and afterwards the hunter team was already talking among themselves about how that was crazy.


In my friendlist there are people that everytime i wake up they are inside the damn game and when i go to sleep they are still on it.Like wtf -.-

What i mean to say is that there are people playing regularly.


That’s cool, I just don’t seem to have any on my list. My Evolve section like 30 people and only 5 or 6 still logon regularly.


Exactly, and that was Abe, not even Griffin or Crow. It’s just ridiculous. The Monster is supposed to have superior mobility, he’s supposed to feel powerful. But in a lot of the matches, especially fighting new characters, you just don’t feel like that anymore. Spore Clouds, Jetpack Boosters, Shield Drone, Mortar spam…The main selling point of the Monster was the power rush, just as the Hunter’s main selling point was jolly cooperation. And they essentially removed that now.


I’d almost like it if there was say a gentlemens agreement between the hunters and the monster.
Monster takes 1/4-1/3rd of his health, you let him go, give him another shot.
You get a strike on two hunters? They are too easy prey for you and let them recollect to try again.


Sorry about the Torvald… I’ll go Hyde next time I fight you. ^.^