The game is amazingly fun, but I do have my worries


Hey guys,

At first I would like to say that I really enjoy paying Evolve! The characters are amazing, the monsters are brutal and iets overal very balanced. I can see me and my friends play this game for quite awhile, but I do think that at some point our motivation wel fall off.

The reason why is that the things you can unlock trough playing are really scarce. If you have unlocked everything the only thing you can do is wait and buy the next DLC thats being released. As far as the DLC goes, I dont really mind to pay for it. The only problem I have with it is that I can really get much other than some badges and 1 Elite skin.

I think the skins that are released in this game should be achievement bound. The reason I think that would be better for the game is that the skins will show people how invested you are in this certain hunter or monster. People will think damn he has the … skin for Griffin he means businiss. The skins now only represent the money invested.

For other games that is enough, but I think Evolve is a game where people like to intimidate the other team and I think skins could show how “good” or experienced a certain player is.

For example the Wendigo skins could have been rewards for destroying 5 Power Generators on the monster you play. This way you are not only encourged to try new stuff but you are also not forced to play The Kraken if you really love the Goliath. To stop people from grinding them in custom games you could disable the progression on achievements in custom games. Doing this will also make it more impressive for people to get the skins as both sides will like to get their achievements. For example the monster likes to get his 100th stage 3 evolution but the hunters want their last stage 1 monster kill.

These where some thought that where going trough my mind. The reason I spill the here is because I really like the game an awfull lot, not because i want to complain.


A enthousiastic fan


Sweet that you’re enjoying the game!! i do understand you’re point on the unlockables etc but the ranking system etc wasnt put in for unlockables its more of a way to describe your level of play. the game focusses more on mastering characters and becoming really good with them then unlocking stuff the way COD does it in example. and since skins are only eye candy i couldnt care much about them :stuck_out_tongue: the like to have are the elite skins because of that icon next of your name and because you learn alot about wich character you preffer and wich one’s you donth after playing with them that long instead of just going like ahh he looks cool he is my main guy


I love the idea of achievement based unlocks. Not only is it something more to do, it’s so much more fulfilling than simply buying whatever from the in game store (Not to mention FREE ^^).

I’m all for and completely understand that both developers and game alike benefit and improve from revenue generated through DLC. That being said, it can get out of hand very quickly.

I’d really like to see some alternate abilities be added for the monsters of Evolve. Different abilities we could learn through the progression system that change up the way the monsters play a little. Making them less predictable and repetitive every match. Or some upgrades that change how the abilities function (Like a larger spread on Goliath’s flamethrower).

But yeah, it’s still a new born baby game. In time it’ll grow in content and popularity, I’m sure of it. ^^


In COD you gain new weapons as u progress, giving you new options for play. In Evolve you get some stat boost and at the end an Elite skin. What I meant to say with the skins was, that it can stimulate players to invest more time into the game. If for example the Savage skin requires you to win 5 matches with Goliath in stage 1 the hunters would think twice before chasing u blindly. Its still only a cosmatic but you can show off to the people how good you are with a certain charater.