The game doesn't incentivize aggressive play as the monster


The xp system doesn’t reward quick game finishes.

I find this really frustrating because it means I can’t progress through the achievements and unlock systems without griefing players I’d have beaten in the first 8 mins.

If bad players lose quickly fine w/e but if good players lose because you beat them with good aggressive play, there’s no way that you get rewarded for that.

Its annoying and frustrating because it encourages hide and seek play, where you run away so that you don’t frustrate the hunters too obviously, or they leave and you get no xp because the game fails to finish…

its just not fun when you face that problem.

There’s also no mechanic to obviously punish trolling as the monster, and the xp farming moves, outside of everyone quitting, and there’s no way to guarantee that players will be willing to call a game a wash, to punish a jackass.


You should play evacuation runs, those in addition to the normal sources of exp grant an additional boost at the end based on how many people you killed or saved as monster or hunters respectively.


This really, also if your beating people to easily find better people to play against.


I agree. Some games I can beat a team in under five minutes, but I’ll let the last guy get away so I can get more xp and grind out some ability mysteries. Sometimes I feel bad just killing them over and over again, but there is no reward for ending it fast


I don’t like evac though :C


For me the big boo-boo was in NOT enabling recovery of lost health when staging up. TRS had frequently spoke of staging up being ‘the only reliable way for a monster to regain health’ and I had interpreted this to mean as lost health coming back, not just having additional health put on. I’m sure many others thought the same and were disappointed that deliberately engaging the hunters before stage 3 is usually a disadvantage. Supposedly, getting strikes on the hunters is the incentive to engage early, but it’s easier to do that when you are staged up, much easier. The best plan always seems to be to stage up as fast as you can to allow as much time as possible at stage 3.

TRS should maybe look at introducing health recovery on stage-up and the timer starting as soon as the monster is stage 3.


You’re THAT guy.


NO one wants to be that guy, unless you’re already that guy…its just a shame that the game basically forces you to be that guy, or to farm abilities on the neutral creeps and put yourself at a disadvantage.


Just shear satisfaction!


You actually do gain health back this way. Ever knock some body 1/7 of their health or so and had them full health after they evolved? Sure it’s not much but it comes back!

And @Zomnivore, this may be over simplifying it, but based on how long you expect to play? Does the total amount of Exp you get matter? It doesn’t take long to get to 40. Also, you DO get 300 bonus xp for winning vs playing. So again, it’s REALLY not much. But they incentivize winning, so the sooner you can win, the sooner you get your win xp bonus? something like that.


I guess thats something, but grinding out wins, when you could just farm directly the xp, for things, its just…loose?

As a solution its really not one.


Like back to full health? Because that would be insane.


I think the Devs intended for people to have fun fighting. The rush you get from a close fight and adrenaline from winning against a good team. I don’t think they expected most Monsters to literally run and hide until everything was stacked in their favor. When I reach Stage 2 I get armor and engage. I win most of my Monster games but I would win 95% of them if I just ran and hid until I was Stage 3 with a good perk with Full health and armor. Fun was intended to be the incentive. Oh well.


Also who needs XP everyone should be 40 or close unless they just got the game.


I agree, I just wanted to mention.
As for me, at this point I’m just grinding leaderboard ranks, that’s incentive enough for me.


Bleh. I’m tired, want to sound smart.

Hide and seekers are a problem but the system (I assume honestly haven’t seen many of them) seems to level them and get them out of the pool of players whom can’t seek effectively…but

(good) Aggressive players though still don’t progress and can still dominate games in a problematic way, and its a similar level of inability to counter, that means that I’m not being forced into an adapting play style…but the system isn’t kicking me up past people who can’t counter it.

So problem.