The game could be better. Let's discuss here


I have an idea after watching the game trailer and other peoples’ comments. They says the game is not special. And here I am to tell Turtle Rock Studios some idea I would like to see in the game. Your title is Evolve, so the game should have something that evolve, kinda like human evolve to monster? But that’s not the full picture of my idea. My idea is to let the monster evolve, by finding elements in the world ( fire, water…). And the monster is begin small and weak, so they have to find and consume the elements to grow stronger, and not just grow stronger but grow with different combinations of elements. For example, on first level the monster consume fire element, and it has fire ability and stronger. Then it is now on second level, it continue consume another fire element and grow stronger and has more fire ability then the trick goes on. But, here is but, if it consume fire at level one then water at level two, means it has two different abilities. That’s sounds just like Evolving.
So, the human have to find hunt down the monster when it is still small and weak, not facing each other at the start of the battle because monster need to find element, and human the hunter go hunt them. That’s the job for hunter. And of course you can also do the same trick to human, like finding better weapon/ armor?

I hope players can discuss how the game should work too, we are not just playing the games righht. And I hope Turtle Rock Studios can look forward to my opinions too. Thanks.


Basically, you want a monster that has branching evolutions according to what it does?

It’s a very nice concept, but it’d take a LOT of resources to implement. Would be nice to have a game mode based on this, on the other hand.


Or an entire game- seriously, you could build a completely different game off of this idea, its got a lot of potential.

But Evolve is done. Game releases in a month, there’s no time to implement this and, quite frankly, a lot of people wouldn’t want it. Evolve is a nearly finished game with its own meta, community- identity.

Try pitching this to a developer- or doing it yourself. It’s a very nice concept!


That is a cool idea, and one I might like to play, but it is not Evolve.

I adore Evolve as it is right now and if they delayed release to completely rework the game when what they have is great, I would honestly be very disappointed.

That being said Evolve is coming soon and it will live or die by its merits as a game, and I feel those merits are very strong.


Yea, you all get the picture of it. And I wanted to add that the evolution by elements is not just like the game, the goliath has added spike on it ? You will get different visual based on your combination. But really, that will be a totally different game than this. But creating a game, its a big construction… And a lot of money.


Like I said, a separate game mode with only one monster to pick from ( that monster being exclusive to that mode since it has so many branching evolutions ) would be possible, but highly time and resources-consuming for TRS.

I doubt it, but maybe for a sequel?


Do you think they’ll make a sequel? I mean, what would they chabge to stop it being the same? And the plot? Not like we can have Shear Wars VI- Daisy Strikes Back. :wink:


Hell, if there’s a crazy following and the game becomes insanely successful, why wouldn’t they? I’m talking about five years from now-- maybe less.

Then again. Devs have often mentionned how they had another crazy, amazing game idea brewing in their minds, so I’d expect a different IP before a sequel.



Those people are wrong :wink:

The Monster ‘evolves’ as it stages up, that’s the core element of the game.
This sounds like a Monster idea, rather than a suggestion to make the game ‘better’. I’ll move it to the appropriate thread if that’s alright.


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